How To Grow Your Med-Clinic Business

How To Grow Your Med-Clinic Business

Assuming you have competent staff on the ground, there are several aspects of running a beauty and wellness clinic that go beyond the skills of your team. As you’d expect, because every other spa’s crew probably possesses well-to-talk-about skills, the difference between a rapidly growing establishment and the stagnant ones lies in the few secrets that not everyone is privy to. Lucky for you, we’re dishing them out at no cost. 

Let’s jump right in.

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Squeeze The Oranges You Have To The Very Last

Before sulking and spending thousands of dollars looking for new clients, you need to make sure that the people who are already supporting your business have no other option than to maintain that oh so lovely habit in your favour. Encouraging your return clients to refer their peers to try your services for small incentives is a good way to maintain that bulge on your wallet. Create what looks like an affiliate program, to the abilities of your marketing budget and resources, such that you get more people calling and walking in. 

Keep in mind that growth doesn’t have to be something absolutely inventive on your part, just an increase in revenue.


Think Like Your Perfect Client

You know exactly who would be your model client, if you don’t, this is the time to make one up. An “avatar”. From their needs, how much they earn each month, when they step in and what they expect to see. Anticipating these variables makes you ready and in charge when they actually walk in. Basing from where your spa is located, there may be a kind of client that frequents more than the rest, if they are your main source of revenue, isn’t it time you made them feel like the place was made and designed just for them? Simple things like noticing what they always ask for, and then having that ready before they ask the next time will make them remember your service before taking advice from their friends.

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Tap Into The Influencer Market

Remember that movie… Keeping up with the Joneses…cut out the espionage bits? People want to look a certain way, based on the people they are always seeing and thinking that they are better off than themselves. A lot of celebrities already set the bar for ordinary citizens, so you won’t have to go out of your way sponsoring one for this part. 

Create a look, and provide a path to it. As an example, if your main clientele, or the target you have in your sights, are in their mid 40’s. Running a campaign, indoors or on your social media pages, to give someone the look that resembles a celebrity of the same age group is an enquiries magnet.


Use The Latest Technologies

Being the best spa often boils down to the tools you’re using to serve your clients. Both on the sales and marketing end and to the service delivery side of the business. 

The Best Sales & Marketing Tools For A Spa

Using the best apps to keep the sales engine pumping clients towards your services is key to keeping the doors open. Social media is a big part of achieving this. Having an active and interesting presence on Instagram and Pinterest (which will be where most of the target market spend a lot of time on), preferably running routine ads to reach out to potential clients will give your business the edge. 

The Latest & Best Tools For Running A Med-Clinic

When it comes to the tools in the hands of your staff when removing hair (or anything really), only the best should be used. Letting your customers know that they deserve the investment you put into acquiring the latest kit will solidify their trust in your brand as being the very best for them.

Using the latest tools also increases your workforce’s morale. The happier your team is when communicating with walk-in clients, the higher the odds of them talking about your business to their peers. Research has shown that when shopping for services, buyers are more inclined to pick those that have strong social proof. Everyone that feels great while being served in your spa has the potential of pulling in more clients that even you’re paid online sales efforts such as Google ads. 

Not to say that Google ads are of no importance; they are, in fact, a good way of standing out among the rest. Think about how each time before making a purchase, you whip out your phone to “google” certain terms around the services you’re looking for. Having advertisements and strategic content that helps potential clients still in the searching phase to make the decision to go with your services goes a long way to grow your business. 

When used together, having a happier team, using the latest tools to market your business (and actually doing so) along with those to serve your clients, should set your spa business well on the way to sustainable growth.

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