How to Get Clients Through the Door

How to Get Clients Through the Door

You have a beautiful clinic, state-of-the-art SharpLight equipment and a professional, courteous staff, so why isn’t your client base growing? Like with any business, the ability to promote your services can make or break your success even when you have every other element perfect. At SharpLight, we strive to provide our partners with exceptional marketing tools, educational materials and everything else needed to get that most critical element into your clinic: customers. If you already have SharpLight technology in place but still aren’t seeing the level of revenue you’d like, consider these ideas for getting customers through your doors:


Lead Acquisition


Lead acquisition, often used interchangeably with lead generation, is all about capturing client contact information, gathering a list of potential customers and what happens with that info once it’s been acquired. Top methods of lead acquisition for your clinic include:


  • Optimize Your Content: Your clinic’s website is one of your most useful tools when seeking new leads. However, many sites fail to appeal to both customers and search engines. If your site is either too sales-oriented, jargon-filled or dull, it’s time to consider revamping your content. On the technical side of things, incorporating Search Engine Optimization is ideal for getting Google to take notice of your site but you also want to ensure you are writing for your customers first. This means incorporating keywords in a seamless way that enhances your content without detracting from it.
  • Make it Shareable:While keywords and written content are important, in our viral world, having shareable video content is also integral to success. Create a marketing video to showcase your clinic and the SharpLight services you offer. Increase the reach of your video material by including a caption and title with keywords and sharing it to your social media outlets.
  • Offer a Free Webinar: A webinar is a great way to inform clients while also promoting your products and capturing vital customer information. Offer the webinar as a free gift for signing up for your email newsletters and promotions.
  • Hold an Open House: An open house provides a great venue and opportunity to educate clients, address their questions and concerns and make personal contact. This is especially helpful for clients who are new to med-aesthetic services and may have doubts about getting certain treatments. At your event, you’ll have the chance to get information from visitors and encourage them to opt into additional information and consultation. For more information on conducting an event, read our blog on How to Host a Successful Event at Your Clinic.


Choosing Your Promotion Ideas


When considering promotions, take into account your clientele’s pain points, seasonal needs, location needs and other important factors to ensure your promotions add real incentive and value to your clients.


Finding your Clients’ Pain Points:Consider your clients’ needs before deciding on a promo idea. For example, one popular promotion option is payment plans and other financing. However, if you serve an affluent area where money is less of a concern for your patients, you may do better promoting add-on services, the speed of your services and offering additional spa treatment upgrades.


Consider the Season:Each season presents different concerns for your clients. During warmer weather, your clients are likely to want treatments that can show results quickly to perfect their beach body while cooler months are better to promote longer lasting treatments and treatments for more intensive issues such as scars, lesions and severe acne. Similarly, cooler months present the opportunity to focus on more invasive procedures such as fractional resurfacing which should not be conducted when a client is likely to be exposed to the sun. For a month-by-month promotional schedule, contact SharpLight at 1 (866) 513-7797.


Volume Discounts: Volume discounts and 2-for-1 style promotions are ideal for encouraging clients to visit your clinic while also getting more value for their money while still increasing your total revenue.


  • Buy 2 fractional resurfacing treatments and get 1 free
  • Purchase an acne treatment package and receive 1 free skin resurfacing treatment
  • Buy 3 Skin Rejuvenation treatments and get 3 free


Get Additional Marketing Help from SharpLight


At SharpLight, we’re committed to helping each of our partners have a healthy, prosperous clinic. To ensure your success, we offer professional marketing materials, tips and tools to help you gain leads and get customers through your doors. For marketing materials and additional information on any of our services, call SharpLight at 1 (866) 513-7797.