SharpLight Technologies is a leading innovator of advanced, non-invasive systems for the skin care treatment industries. The company’s product lines are designed for a range of applications, from skin rejuvenation and hair reduction to the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and acne.

DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) is a unique technology offering three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse. This proprietary technology maximizes the practitioner’s control of treatment parameters, thus providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.

Laser technology for dermatology use was invented in the mid-70s. It was a technological breakthrough yet limited in many ways. The intense pulsed light (IPL) technology that was invented in the 90’s still could not overcome all limitations. After 10 years of research conducted in American Laser Clinics, SharpLight introduced its unique DPC technology (Dynamic Pulse Control) in 2006.

Three In One
DPC technology provides three different pulse configurations in one system, delivering maximum results at all treatment stages for all skin types.