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SharpLight Canada is a daughter company to SharpLight Technologies Israel and a part of the American Laser Clinics (AML). SharpLight serves beauty, spa, medi-spa and medical businesses throughout Canada. 

SharpLight combines research and resources from around the world to bring you the most advanced med-aesthetic technologies and business solutions. While SharpLight serves the beauty, spa, medi-spa and medical markets throughout Canada and has a powerful worldwide network. We are a daughter company to SharpLight Technologies Israel and a part of the American Laser Clinics (AML). More so, our manufacturing is completed in Israel, the epicenter of light-based med-aesthetic technology manufacturing, and our products are being used in countries around the world.

One of SharpLight’s greatest strengths is that we come from a clinical background, experience achieved through our affiliation with the American Laser Clinics (AML). This connection provides us with current clinical market information and a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of both clients and practitioners. This regular access to relevant information from specialists enables us to continually improve and optimize our treatment technologies and business strategies. AML, a successful Israeli chain, was founded in 1999 as one of the world’s first med-aesthetic chains of clinics that perform all treatments under one roof. Today, AML is the largest network of clinics in Israel; it operates 10 centres, employs 120 physicians and, to date, has performed over 1,500,000 treatments on over 100,000 clients.

AML’s success is largely due to its qualified team of specialists; its advanced, proprietary technologies; its clean, spacious and modern treatment rooms; and its high safety and quality standards – all clinics are under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health and have ISO 9001:2000 certification.

We at SharpLight learn of the evolving client needs, regarding safety, comfort, costs and effectiveness, and of the evolving practitioner needs, such as medical and clinical requirements from AML’s research and development. We apply this up-to-date input to developing effective, painless and easy-to-use equipment. This is a comprehensive part of our strategy for designing med-aesthetic technologies that yield optimal results for your clients and for your business.

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