Staff Incentive Programs

Staff Incentive Programs

We’ve all experienced this scenario: having to wait because an employee is not given the power they need in order to resolve problems effectively. Whether it’s a cashier that cannot do a return until a manager types in an authorization code or a customer service agent who has to keep passing a caller on to other departments, this is inconvenient for both the employee and the client.

At SharpLight, we believe in creating an environment where your staff is empowered to serve your clients and themselves better. We work to ensure your staff is given the tools, resources and incentives necessary to facilitate a winning customer experience and to be effective at their jobs.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the ways you can improve your position as a brand ambassador while helping you serve clients better by upselling treatments, having enthusiasm for your brand and introducing new treatments.


Having Excitement for Your Brand

SharpLight is dedicated to cultivating and perfecting the best in medical aesthetic treatments that help your clients get the look and confidence they deserve. We believe that one of the best ways to give clients an amazing experience is to have enthusiasm for our brand. As a frontline spokesperson for SharpLight, we want to give you the resources and experiences to become a knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocate for our brand.

While SharpLight’s advanced technology and before and after pictures go a long way to selling our treatments, it’s your enthusiasm, knowledge and connection with the clients that truly make the difference in both the experience the customer has and the treatments they choose.


Tips for Making a Good Impression and Showcasing the SharpLight Brand

While many clients won’t meet you until they enter the clinic, some will get their first impression when you answer the phone. Because of this, it’s imperative to always think of the impression you’re making. Easy ways to do this include:

  • Smile when speaking on the phone – your smile can shine through in your voice quality.
  • Make a point of knowing the name of a client before you meet them.
  • Address established clients by name.
  • When meeting a new client, ensure you use their name and also thank them for choosing SharpLight.
  • Be knowledgeable and professional in your interactions – keep your knowledge of treatments, technology and services fresh to serve clients better.
  • Keep resources close by – including brochures, pamphlets and before/after photos.
  • While being professional, also inject friendliness and warmth into your delivery to engage customers in conversation. This sets the tone for a client’s interaction with SharpLight and puts them at ease.
  • To start a quality conversation with a client, ask them these questions:
    • Why did they seek out SharpLight?
    • What are their concerns/goals?
    • If appropriate – have they tried other treatments before? What were the results? – this information will be highly useful to your technician and giving your client a better experience.


How to Effectively Introduce New Treatments

SharpLight aims to keep our service offerings fresh and inviting to new and established customers alike. When we introduce a treatment or service, you will be faced with both promoting and informing patients of their options. To do this most effectively, follow these rules:


  • Learn and Understand the Treatment: The best way to CONNECT to the client and help get them interested in a treatment is by understanding it yourself. Consider how much more compelling you can be if you are asked about hair removal and you can say “our hair removal treatments can be customized to ensure each client gets effective options for their personal hair and skin type” versus “it should work on most people, I think.”  Understanding the product means connection, confidence and closing the deal.
  • Experience the Technology: While learning about a treatment will help you promote it, nothing will help more than personally experiencing it. This will benefit you when describing the procedure and lend credibility to your promotion of the product.
  • Become a Promoter: Clients want the facts and details, but what often sells a service is firsthand accounts along with pictures that show real results. By learning about and experiencing the technology, you can effectively become someone who not only knows about the treatment but who can be an ambassador and sincere promoter of it.


Upsell Treatments

A key part of knowing your treatments, is also knowing which treatments can most successfully go together. This can either mean treatments that can be done at the same time such as hair removal on different parts of the body or upgrades and stacked treatments that will make a selected treatment even more effective.

Along with being well-informed about SharpLight, you should also be well-informed about your client.  Listening to your client’s concerns and goals can help you recommend items that will be most beneficial to them. For example, a client may come in for cellulite reduction on their thighs and hair removal in the same area makes a natural recommendation.


Staying Incentivized and Connected

SharpLight believes that a big part of empowering our staff is to provide incentives and ways to connect with the technology, customers and with fellow SharpLight representatives. We offer a wide range of perks, bonuses and incentives for our employees along with training resources to make you even more effective at your job and to reach your goals faster. To learn more, we welcome inquiries from current and prospective staff members at 1 (855) 480-6677.