The Ultimate Step by Step Marketing Plan for Your Medical Spa

The Ultimate Step by Step Marketing Plan for Your Medical Spa

With the fast growth happening within the aesthetics industry, opening up a medical clinic can be considered a business that will easily succeed. However, just like any other business, a medical clinic must be able to effectively promote itself. Marketing and advertising are key factors that will help separate a medical clinic from its competitors. Especially with the introduction of social media, a medical clinic has been given more ways to introduce itself to all possible clients. Since marketing is crucial for a medical clinic to entice a large clientele base, this article will introduce a step-by-step marketing plan for owners who wish to open one.

Important Things to Remember About a Medical Clinic

Knowing more about the characteristics of a medical clinic is crucial to know what is needed to be used to market your business. In the aesthetics industry, a medical clinic is different from other types of clinics. Compared to regular day clinics, a medical clinics requires at least one licensed physician to handle the operation of the medical-grade services. The physician and a registered nurse are the only ones allowed to administer injections, laser treatments, chemical peels, and any other invasive types of treatments. For the nurse to handle certain procedures, the physician is required to be available to supervise the treatment processes.

In relation to the services offered, a medical clinic can include services that are offered by regular clinics, but it can add medical-grade services such as Botox injections, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, vascular related treatments, or even injectable dermal fillers.

Marketing Plan for a Medical Spa

Before you formally open up your medical clinic, it is imperative that you have already made all the necessary research and finished your feasibility study with regards to the possibility of getting a positive return on investment (ROI) within your area. Now that everything is in place, you can refer to the following for a step-by-step marketing plan when opening a medical clinic:

Preparing a marketing and advertising budget

Before anything else, you should start by creating a budget that would handle all your marketing and advertising needs. Since this is a business, you should expect that your marketing expenses may not return any profit when you look at it from a short-term perspective, but the possible growth of your customer list will earn dividends in the long run.

Creating a website and planning content

Customers are known to check the legitimacy of a business before trying out any of its products and services. One of the most common ways for a customer to get to know about a company is to find its website and check out all the relevant information there. This is a huge first step in your marketing plan. Being able to produce a website that will be able to showcase your business and your uniqueness in the industry will be necessary to gain an advantage. You should carefully plan out how your website will look so that the viewer will not get bored.

A person that has full access to the internet is known to have a fairly short attention span. If something is not able to interest him after a few looks on a certain website, he can just quickly open another website and completely ignore the company website. A medical spa website should be both enticing and educational as well. It should make viewers feel that they need to avail of your services.

Deciding on the best platforms to advertise your medical spa

Advertising on different platforms is very crucial in this day and age. With social media being the most used tool to advertise a company’s products and services, a medical clinic owner should definitely follow this trend. As part of your marketing plan, connecting all the data you gathered with different ways on how you would advertise your company should be the main focus. When it comes to advertising, you should consider its two main categories:

  • Traditional advertising is a form of advertising wherein you would promote your medical clinic with the use of print media, or advertising through radio shows. A medical clinic should include using this form of advertising to connect with possible customers who are not adept at using computers and mobile smart phones. Since the spa business is promoting services like skin rejuvenation or anti-aging solutions, people who may belong to the group with a higher age bracket can still be informed about your company. However, be careful not to spend so much on traditional advertising. You just want to introduce yourself so that customers would become curious and get in touch with you.
  •  Digital advertising, on the other hand, is the most prevalent these days. With new technologies quickly introducing new updates in almost all types of industry, being able to connect with those who use gadgets such as mobile smart phones or computers is necessary for your business to grow. Social media is a huge thing in the medical aesthetics industry. With social media, people and businesses are able to connect through the internet, and every product and service that would receive praise or criticism can spread very quickly. With the use of social networking sites, a medical spa is able to keep in constant communication with its customers. It can release new information, equipment, techniques, or even promos through any of its social media accounts.


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Hiring an SEO agency to handle your social media accounts

Compared to investing in traditional advertising materials, the usage of social media platforms is growing on a daily basis. This is because social media has been developed to give convenience to its users. An expert that handles how your social media accounts would promote your products and services can manipulate how your company’s account will show up in search engines and advertisements in heavily-used websites like Facebook. SEO experts can create posting schedules which would appear on the news feeds of people who belong in a certain demographic. If you cannot afford to hire your own SEO expert to work on your accounts for a long-term, then you may avail the services of a SEO company. You may negotiate a deal that would be beneficial for your current situation.

Be transparent in your advertising materials on what makes you unique and the best at what you do

Introduce to your viewers the licensed physician that would be in-charge of the medical-grade services. Doing so will make your viewers understand that you are a professional clinic that is serious in producing excellent services. This will also make your hired physician happy as you are helping them get introduced, which may land them some clients of their own. In addition, you should also show all the products and machines that you plan to use in your daily operations. When people see that you are using high-tech devices, they will get enticed, especially if you are able to relay the message that your devices are safe to use.

Hiring only qualified people to handle your daily operations and services

As much as possible, be sure get a licensed esthetician to guarantee that your employees are already knowledgeable on the processes and techniques that must be used to effectively perform treatments. You can then use this as a promotion material on your website and social media accounts.

Introducing a way to handle customer concerns

A business that includes selling services should always be prepared to handle any of your customer concerns and issues. Showing your possible customers that you have organized ways to handle any of their concerns is a big plus in improving your spa’s reputation. Also, you should never leave comments or praises unanswered. Just like your businesses, you must build personal connections with your customers so that they would be more comfortable in dealing with your clinic.

Creating promotions and events

Since you are just starting out, you must be ready to create events and promotions that would make people want to try out your services. By promoting on your website and social media accounts about pre-opening discounts, you will be able to slowly gain the trust of possible clients. This is a way of showing your clients that other than making a profit, you are actually focused on improving the current health and aesthetic state of your clients.

Final Thoughts

A marketing plan can be customized to fit the way you plan to run your medical spa. However, the information above showcases some of the basic things that can help you get started in the aesthetics industry. The reason you create a marketing plan for your clinic is to ensure that your business will not fail once it starts its operations. Getting acknowledged by people in a positive way will be the push your business will need for it to be introduced as one of the better medical spas that are currently running. Above all, being prepared is key for your company to thrive in the industry.