5 Proven Tips to Retain Patients for Your Medical Spa

5 Proven Tips to Retain Patients for Your Medical Spa

Medical spa is a business that thrives on a person’s need for cosmetic improvements or the feeling of relaxation or rejuvenation. Being able to satisfy what a customer wants is one of the most important factors that a medical spa will be able to survive in a competitive aesthetics industry. Through the years, more people have been availing of services that are unique only to medical spas due to the fact that with technological advancements, more services are being offered at an affordable rate. To be able to attain constant success within this industry, a medical spa must find ways, not only to retain patients, but it should always try to increase its clientele base.

The Characteristics of a Medical Spa

Interested business owners who wish to enter the medical spa business should first understand what kind of business they are getting themselves into. A medical spa is different from regular day spas because of the treatments and services it is allowed to offer. Medical day spas are allowed to offer medical-grade services as long as the treatments are being done by a licensed physician or a registered nurse.

For services that involve lasers, injections, or other invasive types of treatments, a nurse will only be allowed to perform them as long as the doctor is available to supervise the procedure. Medical-grade treatments that are usually offered by medical spas include laser tattoo removal, laser removal of hair, Botox injection, acne treatment, pigmented lesions treatment, vascular lesions treatment, cellulite reduction, body contouring, or even skin rejuvenation. Treatments may either be invasive or non-invasive, depending on the machines and techniques that a medical spa plans to use.

Benefits of Going to Medical Spas

Before discussing some ways to help retain your patients, you need to be familiar with the benefits you are giving to your customers. Knowing this will be able to help you identify which areas you may need to focus on to continue enticing your current clients. You may refer to the following list with regards to these benefits:

Treatment is done by highly-skilled professionals

  • The presence of a licensed physician during treatment procedure will help ease and remove any doubts from a customer’s mind.
  • Other than the licensed physician and the registered nurse, by employing and thoroughly training staff members to handle the regular spa services, customers will be able to feel that you are aiming to give them excellent service.

Peaceful and quiet environment

  • Another thing that a medical spa can have as an advantage over regular day spas is that the area where the medical-grade treatments will be done is secure, quiet, and discreet.
  • This will be great for customers who wish to keep their treatments away from the public.

High-level devices are used

  • Treatments can be done without any pain, especially if your medical spa will be using devices that may be for non-invasive treatments.
  • Machineries that are used in medical spas are so valuable that it may not be possible for some spas to gain access to such.

Improvement of the customer’s overall appearance

  • Medical spas have services that offer rejuvenation treatment. Such services are crucial for some medical spas because it may help in enticing middle-aged people who do not wish to show any form of skin degradation. Being able to perform treatments that help against skin aging is a big plus for the customers.



Tips to Retain your Patients

Knowing the importance of customer satisfaction will be crucial at this point. You should always remember that without your happy clients, you will never receive any traction within the industry. The early life of a medical spa business is focused on getting customers to try out its services and on making sure that those who have tried your series would come back for more. Here are some of the proven tips that will definitely help in retaining your current customers:

Continuous improvement with regards to customer service

As part of the service industry, one of the key drivers for success is how your business is able to manage communication with your customers. Even if you are using the most expensive equipment ever developed, this will not automatically impress any of your customers. People are emotional creatures. They tend to dwell more on how they felt while undergoing the treatment procedures. Being able to properly interact during treatment is a skill that should be improved to ensure that the customers do not feel awkward. In addition, being able to properly explain to customers whenever they give negative feedback should also be given some attention.

Be more involved with your social media accounts and company website

There is a tendency that owners would leave the backend job to their employees. Also, if the owner opted to hire a SEO company to handle the company’s social media accounts and website, there is a tendency that these marketing tools would run like a machine instead of the owner interacting more with the clients. Hiring people to do the technical areas of marketing and advertising is never a wrong thing to do.

However, as the owner of a service-oriented business, you must take into consideration that there will always be a need for you to intervene. People hate it whenever they send messages to a company through its email or Facebook page and receive reply templates. Owners should give some time to personally respond to these messages because they are the ones who make the final decision for the company.

Gather information about your competition and customers and then create customized promotions

The information that you see via social media platforms contains so much data that you can use to your advantage. Since social media is where customers showcase their daily updates, you will know more about their preferences. With the social media accounts of your competition, you will be able to see their ways of working and the products and services that they are offering to their clients. Based on these data, you can create your own advantage by creating promotions that would make your medical spa seem better in the eyes of your customers. This is where you use your company’s uniqueness to win over some new clients while keeping a hold on your current ones.

Improve your timing and reservation

One of the most annoying things for a customer is the fact that the treatment would start later than what has been set during the reservation. This issue can cause a quick decline of a medical spa’s customer list. To avoid such things from happening, you must develop a proper scheduling system that would incorporate some leeway in between treatment schedules.

Furthermore, not giving some small gaps in between treatment schedules might cause a decline in the treatment process as the assigned staff handling the procedure might quicken up the pace for the procedure even if it is not recommended. This would decrease the quality of the result of the medical treatment which can cause unsatisfactory feedback from the customers.

Try to add new services from time to time

It is a known fact that as a medical spa starts, it can only offer so many services that would not waste any of the resources at hand. Since you would normally stock up on any items that would be used to complement your current services, as time passes, you should consider adding a new service that would complement some of your other services. You do not have to add services on a monthly basis, but you should consider the types of services your current customers are availing. An example would be adding a service that would complement your tattoo removal service. Even though tattoo removal may take multiple sessions to complete, when the customer has finished with his last session, you must find a new service that he may take so that he will still come back to your medical spa.

Make Your Clients Happy and Satisfied

A medical spa will never be successful if it is not able to take good care of its entire client list. You may have obtained the best devices and products that would be useful for all of your services, but without a satisfied customer, all of this will be wasted. Always consider the human aspect of your business. Regularly communicate with your clients. Build lasting relationships with them before you bombard your spa with numerous services. Always remember that a customer has all the power in the world to make or break your business.

One negative post on any social media platform can create a large enough commotion over the internet, and your reputation might get damaged without anything you can do about it. However, by ensuring that your customers are happy when they get their treatments at your spa, then they could also be the reason why your business might unexpectedly boom. Once they start sharing positive comments about your medical spa, interested parties might suddenly make reservations with you and it could be the start of a long journey of success.