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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Details you should know! Tattoos have been one of those things that some people do as a milestone or perhaps a rite-of-passage. Many individuals see tattooing as an easy way of identifying themselves, their inner thoughts, beliefs.

No matter what the reason behind getting a tattoo, never forget to go to an established, reputable, tattoo parlour, and make sure they will take into consideration all of the essential sanitary safety measure as well as make sure you are aware of everything you are getting into.

History has shown that there have been many individuals who have regretted getting a tattoo, some of those reasons are the tattoo’s with other languages are incorrect, which can make it amusing to others and embarrassing to the recipient. Words spelled incorrectly or the placement is just not correct, or the artwork is just unattractive. Whatever the reason, tattoos can be removed.
Laser Tattoo Removal, what you should be aware of!

Approximately 1/3 of all tattooed people will at some point are sorry for getting a tattoo. Regardless of whether the tattoo had been a direct result of some sort of drunken challenge or perhaps as being a emotional decision. Most people will regret as they move on with life and their situations change. Tattoo removal seriously isn’t exactly an inexpensive or even pain free method, and in some cases might not be able to have it completely eliminated.
Prior to laser tattoo removal there have been various ways of trying to eradicate them using creams, lotions, gels to name a few and they tend not to work due to the fact they would have to damage the skin layers to get down to the actual ink which is embedded in deep layers. There are other alternatives to laser which have been around prior to the 1980’s. Tattoo removal methods were Dermabrasion in sanding of the skin to remove the top layers; or Excision where the Surgeon would use a scalpel and remove the skin, however in most cases needing to have a skin graft and many times leaving scars.

What are the benefits of using the laser procedure over the previous methods?
Using a SharpLightTM Technologies laser allows the user to target only the tattooed areas, which end up being a lot more comfortable and the normal issues were only skin redness and some swelling. Also it is considered to be a low-risk procedure, will little to no blood loss, and is done in most case as an outpatient basis. The short, high-energy pulses of the lasers target the wavelengths of the colours within the tattoo. These energy pulses cause the ink to displace into small particles and then they will be passed through the body into waste. The SharpLightTM Technologies laser will not hurt the surrounding skin; however, the heat from the laser pulse can cause some pain.

There are many reasons that could cause it to take many sessions and sometimes up to a year to eradicate your tattoo, as these sessions must be between 3-4 weeks apart. Some tattoos cannot be fully removed only lightened for the various situations listed below:

Size – the larger the tattoo the more sessions will be needed to do it in stages.
Colour – darker colours are normally the easiest to remove, but all colours must be targeted at a specific colour wavelength.

Location – If the location is in a sensitive area, to prevent burns and discomfort the user will need to use a lower energy level which in turn means more sessions.

Skin colour – with darker skinned patients the higher the laser energy can cause skin damage, so the user needs to use a lower energy level.

Patient’s ability to heal – Those patients whom heal slower would need to have a longer waiting period between sessions.

Original Application Method – Depending on the placement within the skin this changes how the ink absorbs the laser energy.

Type of ink used – The tattoo inks have many variables, and with this react to the laser removal process differently, fortunately the newer inks are made to be removed by lasers more effectively.

The Original Tattoo Artists Skill – With an experienced artist, they would be able to inject the ink into a similar depth throughout the tattoo, making it easier for the calibration of the device to target the tattoo at once.
Age of the tattoo – Many older tattoos are very hard to have removed due to the ink being more ingrained in the skin.

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