Common Question – “Can I treat patients who are on medication?”

Common Question – “Can I treat patients who are on medication?”

What should be done when the patient receives medications on a regular basis? All cases in which medications are consumed by the patient in a continuous manner (meaning – more than a one-time single dose), including all types of antibiotic treatments, require a 2-week waiting period during which no medications are being consumed, prior to the commencement of light treatment sessions.

Helpful tips:

* If the patient is treated with Isotretinoin (aka Roaccutane / Isotrex gel / Curatane) for acne indication (or any photosensitive medications), it must not be exposed to light treatments for at least 6 months after the medicinal treatment ends.
* Photosensitivity-inducing medications/herbs consumption is a contraindication, during which the patient must not be exposed to light treatments. Should any uncertainty occur, a Specialist or Physician should be consulted. It is highly recommended that the advising Specialist will be the Patient’s treating Physician, and they are most intimately aware of the Patients individual medical situation.
* Be careful in cases which involve over-consumption of Vitamin A, since it enhances photosensitivity.