SharpLight’s Advanced Combination Treatment: Age-Defying

SharpLight’s Advanced Combination Treatment: Age-Defying

This is the treatment your clients are seeking for a no-downtime skin rejuvenation. Give the gift of combined modalities that treat multiple indications of aging skin. SharpLight’s clinically-devised formula combines 3 leading technologies to perform a high-grade treatment that safely activates multiple scientific mechanisms key to aging skin.  Treat wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, large pores, alongside vascular and pigmented lesions using this Age-Defying Facial Formula.  



  Begin the treatment with our RF Face handpiece. Activate a high energy electrical current using bi-polar Radio-Frequency technology; the emerging heat safely stimulates enhanced collagen contouring and tightening  the skin effectively. The experience is akin to a hot stone massage, the heat relaxing your client while priming the skin to better receive activation from the following steps.  

Infrared VermaDerm: 

Specializing in instant collagen tightening and neocollagensis. This treatment carefully performs dermal heating to bring its temperature to 50 – 60 degrees Celsius, while maintaining optimal safety of the skin. Create a dual effect of immediate contraction of collagen fibres alongside new dermal collagen formation. This treatment will allow you to tighten folds, open pores and lax skin, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  


Perform a high-grade spot treatment for vascular and pigmentary lesions by performing specialized selective photothermolysis. The VP2 handpiece uses the award-winning Dynamic Pulse ControlTM technology to emit two ranges of wavelengths: 535-680 nm for melanin pigmentation and 860 – 1200 nm for melanin pigmented as well as hemoglobin-related lesions. Effectively combat 2 of the leading signs of aging skin for clearer, healthier skin. Effective on sunspots, dyschromia, spider veins, erythema, amongst others.  

  SR 580:  

Seal this multi-impact facial using our non-ablative laser-facial handpiece, the SR 580 uses the selective photothermolysis and promotes neocollagenesis for dermal regeneration as well as epidermal renewal. This handpiece specializes in targeting pigmented lesions by covering a high-range of the melanin absorption spectrum spanning greater than 500 nm. The skin will cytologically and architecturally resemble younger skin while regaining elasticity and collagen. This treatment addresses a range of textural concerns such as fine lines, large pores, skin laxity, and dull skin. It also addresses pigmentary concerns such as sun spots, dyschromia, mottled pigmentation and melasma.  


Bring the Age-Defying Advanced Treatment to Your Clinic  

This 4-Step advanced facial blends highly impactful technologies that have been primed for optimal comfort to treat a range of skin concerns prominent in aging skin. SharpLight’s Multimodality devices prepare you to meet the demand in today’s beauty technological era treating the skin with prevalent combination treatments while exceeding expectations.

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