New Year, New YOUth

New Year, New YOUth

Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? While this is true throughout the year, the start of the New Year is when people think about making real plans to change their appearance and health the most. However, most of those resolutions that involve strict diets and heavy workout routines tend to fail within the first two weeks of the new year. As we make our way through January, many of your clients and potential clients are going through this same cycle of dieting, not seeing results, giving up and getting extremely disappointed.

So, isn’t it time for something that actually works and lasts longer than it takes for a free gym membership trial to expire?

As a SharpLight partner, this is what your clinic can offer your clients for the New Year: Minimal effort to meet resolution goals while getting maximum results. Improve appearance, gain confidence and get a better overall outlook with noninvasive, med aesthetic procedures designed to produce minimal side-effects and recovery time while achieving noticeable results.

Which Procedures Should You Promote for a YOUthful New Year?

While a wide range of SharpLight procedures are capable of producing refined skin texture, reducing imperfections and stimulating collagen growth, there are several that are especially well suited to the winter months and helping clients look younger. When recommending youthful treatments for your clients, consider these rejuvenating options:


SharpLight’s RF technology has hand pieces for both Face and Body to target all of the areas that need help most – especially hard to treat aging hands. With RF, skin is both tightened and other imperfections are improved at the same time. Due to the collagen stimulating properties of RF, clients not only get immediate improvements but also lasting results.


VermaDerm’s ability to heat collagen fibers causes them to contract. When multiple treatments are applied, new collagen is formed, and elasticity is improved. LP-IR has a multitude of uses to combat aging and loose skin including the reduction of textural issues, scar damage and stretchmarks.

Anti-Aging Treatments

SharpLight’s suite of anti-aging technologies – Radio Frequency (RF), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Infrared (IR) – work together to give clients healthier, more youthful looking skin with fast, non-invasive sessions in a spa-like setting. With several ways to adjust each of the technologies, these can be personalized to treat each patient’s unique skin needs. The ability to customize each treatment to an individual is one of the greatest advantages of the SharpLight anti-aging system and it allows for greater control and optimal results.


Body-Contouring is an ideal way to shed inches in the new year and get a more youthful, sculpted look. Both RF and IR technologies are ideal for removing excess inches and tightening loose skin. Not only is body-contouring safe and effective, it gives immediate results and is able to target problem areas that are often unchanged by diet and exercise.

New Year, New YOUth Promotion Ideas

For January, skin tightening and body-contouring promotions along with Fractional Skin Resurfacing and Skin Rejuvenation will give clients that extra incentive they need to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Focus on offering volume discounts and savings on complete packages, including:

  • Purchase 6 Body Contouring Treatments & get 2 FREE Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
  • 20% OFF all Body Contouring Packages
  • 25% OFF Body Contouring and Skin Tightening Treatments when you purchase a package of 6 or 8 treatments
  • Add a Body Contouring Treatment to a Facial Treatment for $40-$100
  • Buy 2 Skin Rejuvenation treatments and get 1 FREE!
  • Buy 3 Skin Rejuvenation treatments and get 3 FREE!
  • Purchase a Fractional Skin Resurfacing package and receive 2 FREE Body Contouring treatments
  • 25% off Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments

SharpLight Promotions for Your Clinic

Considering how to promote your clinic this winter? SharpLight makes it a priority to support our partners with robust marketing and informational material throughout the year. To learn more about how SharpLight can help you promote your clinic and attract clients, call us at 1 (855) 984-0619.