Medical laser aesthetics – a lucrative & recession proof industry

Medical laser aesthetics – a lucrative & recession proof industry


Dr. Nwankpa-Keshinro, an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Brooklyn who recently changed her specialty to cosmetic medicine, said that “when you clear up someone’s acne or facial hair, they are as grateful as if you delivered their baby.”

In other words, there is an obvious public demand for the type of treatments and products that make you look younger, fitter, more attractive, hairless (in all the right places) and blemish-free. iData Research analysis recognized aesthetic laser and light therapy markets for skin resurfacing, hair removal and laser lipolysis as the fastest growing segments. The emergence of medical aesthetics has swept the beauty industry by storm and has become a large revenue generator for aestheticians, and other professionals.

So, if you’re contemplating opening up a medical laser aesthetics facility (or augmenting your existing beauty, health, wellness or fitness establishment), consider three facts that make investing in this type of industry a wise endeavour:

Number one, studies indicate that the general public has and will continue to view beautification procedures as an essential commodity – not merely an indulgence. And there are many reasons why this belief system is upheld.

For one, there is a significant correlation between being attractiveness and acquiring: a job, promotion, high-powered position or romantic partner of choice. This means that beauty in and of itself is not considered the ends but a means to flourish and survive.

The beauty of this industry, (no pun intended), is that during periods of financial prosperity, these types of treatments are considered an affordable sound investment in future success -unlike plastic surgery (which is an indulgence for the wealthy few). And at the worst of times, these services are deemed an essential tool for survival. It almost works in the reverse – except for the fact that business is great during good times and even better during the bad ones.

Number two, these types of treatments are a far less painful, more affordable, less-invasive alternative to plastic surgery – sans downtime. This is certainly an added bonus given that it attracts those who would never go under the knife but wish to benefit from the benefits of laser services.

And number three, there is also a positive new cost analysis factor to consider. In the past, equipment used to perform these treatments were prohibitively expensive for the owners of medical spas. But not anymore, thanks to SharpLight Technologies. Spa owners no longer have to charge elated prices to recover the cost of multiple, highly expensive machines – that require large storage space units with high consumable costs.

Because of SharpLight, one person can afford to purchase a single, compact, multiplatform device, with low overhead and thirteen of the top desired medical laser aesthetic treatments on the market. This makes the services offered affordable to the masses. Large storefronts with outrageous rent, ridiculous overhead fees, and inflated treatment prices are no longer necessary. Businesses can recover their investment in volume as opposed to price point.  Why? Because SharpLight devices are smaller, sleeker and more reasonably priced so that practitioners can lower their cost of treatments. Once more people can afford the services, a high-volume of business is generated for salons, spas, gyms and medical offices.

So, if you are a burgeoning entrepreneur, looking to capitalize in a new business venture, the probability of success is substantially higher, if you choose a venture that is both lucrative and recession-resistant.