How to kick-start your medical laser aesthetics business with new clients

How to kick-start your medical laser aesthetics business with new clients

Whether you are a new business, or a company looking to expand your clientele, here are 9 great ways to build your lead list.

  1. Utilizing your SharpLight Total marketing membership
  2. Hosting SharpLight technology parties
  3. Presenting at corporate lunch and learns
  4. Using the digital sphere to market your services
  5. Choosing the right presentation and marketing
  6. Return the favour by being a guest speaker
  7. Take advantage of multiple businesses’ foot traffic
  8. Join meet up groups
  9. Cold calling

1. Take full advantage of the SharpLight Platinum Marketing Membership program.

This package offers a useful marketing system that has been strategically crafted for the purpose of:

  • Positioning Sharplight Partner’s as a trusted leading expert in the field of medical laser aesthetics, anti-aging, detoxification, cellulite reduction, body contouring, facials, skin tightening, acne therapies, vascular lesions & pigmentation treatments, laser hair reduction as well as scar and tattoo removal
  • Creating the backdrop for a polished event or digital display
  • Educating interested prospects both digitally, in-shop and at events
  • Reducing the time, effort, complexity and cost of creating your own marketing collateral
  • Teaching SharpLight owners how to use their social media and website, to gain credibility, increase interest, effectively educate, generate leads and convert them into sales

***Don’t forget to get people’s contact information for your marketing e-blast list and social media following.

2. Start hosting late-night/weekend parties & events.

Since SharpLight’s Omnimax technology is portable and compact, it can easily be transported (along with your collapsible treatment bed), to any type of venue (regardless of how small the space may be).

You can host your event at an apartment, a spa, a friend’s house, a gym, an art gallery or any other location you deem potentially lucrative. You can negotiate arrangements with owners of hair salons, detox & wellness centers or businesses that manufacture complimentary products. Just make sure you make the theme of your event is relevant, providing the perfect segue to introduce you’re the treatments you’re selling. Get as imaginative as you can!  And to further assist in the achievement of a professional and polished display, take full advantage of SharpLight’s event marketing collateral. The roll-up banners, foam core posters, graphics for digital displays, informative brochures, service menus, business cards and other necessary accouterments will portray you as a competent, polished, credible, industry expert who is open for business.

For additional ambiance, you can add:

  • Background music
  • Demonstration videos on the side
  • Free gift-bags – with samples from corporate sponsors who can help you cross-promote
  • Vouchers with discounts for your treatments
  • PowerPoint demonstration
  • A presenter dressed in a lab coat to look the part
  • Light sampling of food and beverages
  • Mobile card machine with petty cash for change to close the sales ASAP
  • Guest speaker to complement your demonstration

For example, if you wish to promote your infrared treatments, invite an expert to speak about the benefits of detoxifying the body. Since infrared is one way to detoxify the skin, you can invite a guest speaker who promotes other detoxification services and products and sell them together as a package. In fact, get corporate sponsors to offer free giveaway samples of detoxifying or ketone supplements or teas and so forth – for your gift bag. Have videos of your treatments playing in the background with maybe some soft jazz music to relax the crowd.

3. Start presenting at corporate lunch and learns.

All partners receive a pull-up banner with SharpLight before and after pictures. This is a fantastic backdrop to include in your presentation, instead of bringing your Omnimax technology. Most corporations in the IT, real estate or financial industry value themes that revolve around psychological and physical health, fitness or any other themes related to relaxation and stress-reduction – It’s important to be mindful when choosing your presentation theme. Make sure you only promote services that are relevant to the theme, for instance, detoxifying or body contouring are great packages to sell.

And finally, partner with corporate sponsors who are willing to give away sample products and or services relevant to the theme as well. Leave them with a smile on their face and a positive perspective. Cross promotions are now used extensively in event marketing. The more corporate sponsors you get onboard, the more give-away samples you can offer your audiences. Plus, you can piggy back the large reaching followings of your corporate sponsors – who can push out promotions for your services too.  The bottom line is that the more exposure you garner, the higher status your event achieves and the more enjoyable for your targeted demographic it will be. And the better the event, the more revenue it generates.  Don’t forget to get people’s contact information for your marketing e-blast list and social media following.

4. Use the digital sphere to: promote events, generate sales, host lunch and learns and position yourself as an industry expert.

First, start building up your personal and business Facebook and Instagram friends and followers. The more people you are connected to, the more invites you can send. Social media platforms and the digital sphere, in general, are powerful promotional vehicles, if you understand how to use it properly.


  • Open-up an event page on Facebook and use Instagram to let people know the theme, the benefits, time, date, location and if relevant, an admission fee. It should link to a page where tickets can be purchased online (so you know who and how many people are coming). Otherwise, a landing page to RSVP for the event.
  • Facebook is a very lucrative platform for other reasons too. You can join different types of groups comprised of people who are perfect candidates to sell your treatments. Join detox, fitness, new moms, body builders, model, actor groups and much more. These are forums you can offer your advice and expertise knowledge on body contouring, detoxifying, hair removal, blemish reduction, skin tightening and much more.
  • LinkedIn is a perfect social media platform to build your business contacts. These leads are a great way to introduce your company, and suggest the corporate Lunch and Learn presenter. You can message or call your contacts directly. (Keep building up your contact list until you are presenting at several ‘Lunch and Learns’ per week.)



Paid SEM (search engine marketing) is a direct way to generate revenue.

The first step is to create a landing page. There are great software options you can use to create a landing page in minutes! This can either be a simple page to RSVP, or an eCommerce landing page, outlining a list of packages, what they include, and any other relevant information. 

The second step
is to then purchase ad space from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram Pinterest and Google Ad Words. If linking back to your e-commerce page include the option purchase a package online via PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Credit.

(According to research Facebook has the healthiest ROI an approximately 2%. Basically, for every $100 you put in, you reach 2000 people. For every 2000 people you reach, you sell about 20 packages – not to mention, you drive traffic to your website which helps with your search engine optimization)


And to boot, the SharpLight Total Marketing Platinum Membership ensures your website is search engine friendly.



 If doing your own marketing is too time-consuming or simply undesirable, it’s best to hire an expert who understands both digital and offline marketing as well as the Medical Aesthetics Laser Industry. This way, your time is free to do what is most important, treat clients, host events, parties and present as lunch and learns.

5. Choose your presentation and marketing content carefully.

Just remember one simple marketing fact – People only purchase products and services that are in direct alignment with their values, desires, goals, and lifestyle. This means that you need to target the demographic that will appreciate the type of services you offer. To do this, you need to understand how your treatments are aligned with what they feel, want and desire.

  • Focus on the benefits they will receive from your services clear from the get go. This means you start with empathizing with their problem. For example, think about what kind of problems people are experiencing with their physical appearance. Concerns may include having unsightly, living with unattractive blemishes and so forth.
  • Think about who specifically – I.e.: values being hairless and why? Are they bodybuilders, aspiring actors, models or new moms trying to lose baby their baby fat?

Once you understand who you’re dealing with and what they want or even what holds them back from achieving their goals, you present them with the solution.

6. Return the favour – Be a guest speaker at other people’s events that are relevant.

If someone is hosting an event on detoxification products or body building, tattoo art, or anti-aging, modeling or any other theme you deem relevant, arrange to be part of it. Get creative and conduct a demonstration, do a PowerPoint presentation or just hand out vouchers and brochures that educate and sell treatments or even products that are relevant to the theme.

7. Take advantage of multiple businesses’ foot traffic.

There are multiple businesses that have an established clientele and foot traffic that will generate business for you. Get creative and think of all the places you can take your Omnimax technology, your fold up treatment table, supplies and marketing back drop too. Every day can be at different places, consider fitness centers, spas, body builder’s clubs, wellness boutiques, massage parlors, hair and nail salons, detox centers, modeling agencies, talent agencies and much more. Don’t forget to get people’s contact information for your marketing e-blast list and social media following.

8. Join the right meetup groups.

There are endless types of meet up groups in your area. Find out what they are in your city and either join or start groups that would be interested in your services.

  • If there are fitness groups you’re interested in like walking, hikers, jogging, running, racket sport oriented, baseball and so forth, join up and promote your services.
  • If you’re a parent, join a mommy group and promote treatments like stretch mark removal, body sculpting, and skin tightening treatments. Meet up with bodybuilders who may want a body contouring membership, detox groups who might like infrared treatments, anti-aging groups who may appreciate an assortment of treatments ranging from photo-facial to skin resurfacing and so on.
  • Or start a meetup group that matches your specific requirements.

9. Cold calling still works.

Call up modeling and talent agencies, body builder clubs, job recruitment companies, gyms, detox centers, cosmetic companies and other relevant businesses to host seminars and do demonstrations on how to look your best in sales, in media, on camera and in many types of situations. You can talk about skin care regiments, detoxification and its link to weight loss and how to get that dewy Hollywood red-carpet look and so forth. Then hand out your business card, brochures and menu cards to interested prospects.

As you can see there are so many ways to kick-start your medical esthetics laser company – From online, offline, foot traffic and seminars, build your clientele and run a successful business!