Introducing our Newest Technology: Choosing Upgrades for Your Medical Aesthetic Practice

Introducing our Newest Technology: Choosing Upgrades for Your Medical Aesthetic Practice

While people might like the idea of old-fashioned recipes, traditional crafts and vintage clothing, the one place no one wants ‘old skool’ method, is in their medical aesthetic equipment and treatments. At SharpLight we know the value of offering clients superior, state-of-the-art technology and that’s why we consistently seek to improve and elevate our medical aesthetic equipment.

In our pursuit of perfection, SharpLight is giving you even more ways to improve your business and serve your customers better with our latest line of Omnimax aesthetic equipment technology. With improved functions, expanded capabilities and even greater ease of use, both you and your clients will experience a wide range of benefits.

Many of the improvements we’ve made to our medical aesthetic equipment will not only give your clients superior results but help you to perform your services faster and more efficiently. With these improvements, you can expect a better return on your investment and increased confidence in your business.



Created with a sleek, modern design, the S3 is easier to use and read thanks to a larger, crystal clear 10.2” screen. If you’ve been using the FORMAX, you know it provides a host of benefits to you and your clients, and the OMNIMAX takes that great functionality and makes it even better.

How it Makes Your Job Easier: The improved technology of the S3 includes our smartRF HP which calculates and adjusts treatment times and levels to match the condition of your patient’s skin. This improves accuracy and allows you to provide an even more customized experience for each client.

Faster Treatments with Increased Pulses: We’ve taken our already efficient technology and made it even more so with 38% more pulses with shorter times between pulses. Additionally, we’ve eliminated the activation button on the HP which makes operation streamlined for a more convenient application process.

Deeper Hypodermis Penetration: Our new and improved Body HP includes poles that are spaced further apart, allowing for deeper, more thorough penetration of the hypodermis. This can aid in giving your clients more noticeable results faster, which is especially important with new patients who may be skeptical about getting additional treatments.

Safety Upgrades: With an increased energy output, the OMNIMAX S3 is able to give skin types I and II on the Fitzpatrick scale a safer experience. Darker skin types are also helped with a new handle, the HR 730.

About the HR 730: The HR 730 may be worth the upgrade all on its own! With an ergonomic design that allows you to reach all body parts and three pulse type settings, the HR 730 is one of the most useful dynamic pulse control hair removal equipment pieces available. Specifically designed for skin types III-V, the HR730 includes software that’s able to automatically set ideal treatments based on hair type, color and skin type.

How the S3 Helps You Market to Clients: Many of your customers are busy professionals, athletes, on-the-go parents and fitness enthusiasts. These clients are often seeking the best results in the shortest time, and the S3 helps you achieve that with its increased pulses and improved customizations for various skin conditions and colors. Included: fully loaded marketing support kit for an even better and more effective way to reach new and existing clients.




The S4 takes all the great features of the S3 and adds in LP LASER HP technology along with the DPC™, RF and VermaDerm™. With the S4, you get:

Maximum Versatility: Clients looking for medical aesthetic equipment treatments not only want fast results, they want to know they can get multiple procedures done at the same time for increased efficiency. The S4 makes this possible by including 4 superior technologies in one machine.

Treatment Options: the S4’s range of capabilities allows you to perform: Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, contouring, tattoo removal and treat vascular and pigmented lesions.

Ease of Use: Like with the S3, the S4 allows for easy, personalized treatment due to the preset parameters.

Fast ROI: Along with increased treatment capabilities, the S4 has also been shown to give a faster return on investment than the S3 with an average of only 6 months.

Choosing Between the S3 and S4: With the addition of our LP Laser, the S4 gives you hair removal treatment options along with improved energy penetration for all skin types. The fast ROI is also a huge advantage but only if you have the potential customer base and advertising to reach them.

The S4 is the top of the line for medical aesthetic equipment and is ideal for practices that want to grow their client list. If you have a mature client base and limited room for growth in your current location, the S4 could be the added boost you need to reach new customers.


Rapid DPC


Not in the market for an entire OMNIMAX system? We offer our Rapid DPC technology on its own with all the great features it adds to the OMNIMAX, including:

  • Large 10.2” screen
  • Safer treatments for lighter skin
  • 38% more pulses, an increase from 72K to 100K
  • Reduced pauses between pulses for faster treatments
  • New marketing support and kit included


This is the more cost-effective alternative to buying the S3 or S4 medical aesthetic equipment and can be a great addition to an established practice or a new clinic.


Choosing the Right Medical Aesthetic Equipment for Your Clinic


Need help deciding which technology is right for your office? With so many new and improved features, it can be difficult deciding which will work best for your clinic, but we make it easy with our support team! For fast, friendly help for all of your questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you. We can be reached at 1 (866) 513-7797.