How To Open A Tattoo Removal Clinic in Canada

How To Open A Tattoo Removal Clinic in Canada

The fact that the tattoo culture is one on a continual growth trend in Northern America and Canada at large is a good hint that a tattoo removal service provider is required. Even with plenty of near-celebrity tattoo artists leading the pack in laying ink creatively, the average tattooed person will think of removing (or changing) all or parts of their ink at some stage in their lives; wouldn’t it be just convenient if you were there to help out?

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The Legal Bits

Depending on where you’re reading this, or where you intend to have the tattoo removal shop based, there are regulations you will have to abide by. It is wise to check with your local administration office what these are, but to state the obvious, this is a clean business, so your shop will need to be checked before you even start the marketing part. Having a certificate of registration for your business will let the rest of our advice sink in better. 

It is a different story for those already running beauty and health-related spas. Because the business already has the papers making it a legal entity, increasing service levels will start at a more advanced stage than those only starting out.


Getting Tattoo Removal Skills

With the legal part out of the way, the biggest concern has to be on the service delivery. Unlike giving out tattoos, the removal part is less creative than it is corrective. This doesn’t mean you can just wake up, hold some version of tattoo removal equipment and start operating on live clients. There are classes you should get certified in to be allowed to administer treatments.

Most classes are conducted by reputable service providers, and if you intend to run the shop, while also handling the tattoo removal treatments, it is a good idea to go through the learning process. While several YouTube videos can give you the top of the surface level knowledge around the subject, it gives your future customers the confidence to spread your good work if they actually see a certificate of effort on your part.

Another thing that you should think of as much as the skills needed is the laser equipment you’ll need in order to serve tattoo removal clients. Given that a lot of millennials are regretting their tattoo choices, along with drunk tattoo recipients, you best have the best equipment since every other day will see a new (or more) customer(s) walk in should you handle the marketing part as good as you should. Only the latest equipment will have you compete at the same level as reputable tattoo removal services providers. 

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Employing A Tattoo Removal Expert

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to cash in on the tattoo removal market, employing someone already certified is a possible route, so is adding value to your already employed beauty technicians with a course. This way, you won’t have to be on premise all the time while customers get their tattoos removed. 

Interviewing tattoo removal artists, as you may imagine, is a less strenuous task than hiring someone to administer them. Work history, certifications, and just being a good people person are top of the skills requirements.

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Marketing Tattoo Removal Services

Having someone employed to do the removals should free up your time to sell the business online. Just as the inking business is aggressively looking for clients on social media platforms, you too should be looking to filter out those that feel unsure after they get a tattoo or two. You shouldn’t have to worry about the market getting flooded due to the ease of opening a tattoo removal business, there are so many people with tattoos that the pie will fit everyone. More people are actually getting tattoos that they will need to be removed once they get over their relationships or their jobs, among other reasons why people get tattoos in the first place. 

Bad tattoo pictures, along with before-and-after pictures of your work are the mainstay for most removal services providers. Not only will that give social proof of your ability to solve your clients’ problems, but you get to reach deeper into a market you would have otherwise missed were you only hinging on the posters on the shop’s door.


Keeping The Doors Open: The Numbers

The tattoo removal business is a lucrative venture. The numbers can go as high as $800 per hour is scheduled and modelled as done by other entities. Now, unlike with the tattoo parlour model, you may not get as many return clients as it would be ideal to not keep working on improving as much daily, but that should not be an issue once your shop’s name settles well with the market. 

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Some good marketing, a sociable tattoo removal technician, along with the perfect location for your shop, and your business’ performance will only be stopped by how far you want to take your earning potential.