Device SpotLight: An industry First – SharpLight’s Latest Rapid DPC Pro

Device SpotLight: An industry First – SharpLight’s Latest Rapid DPC Pro

An Unprecedented Solution for Comfortable Hair Removal on ALL skin types!   

 This revolutionary device combines SharpLight’s DPC ™ and Rapid Flow technologies to create a highly effective and comfortable hair removal solution for ALL skin types – without the need for a Long Pulse laser. An industry first – it offers an excellent alternative to uncomfortable hair removal treatments performed on darker skin types.  

At SharpLight, we constantly innovate new solutions to further the potential of medical aesthetics; we do this with our expert engineering, clinical involvement, and constant communication with our partners and their clients to gauge their complex needs. Advanced treatment technologies for darker skin types, where the skin is more sensitive to standard laser technologies, have been at the top of the list. We’re proud to say we’ve done it! Now this unprecedented device is becoming available to bring to your clinic!   

The combination of the DPC ™ and Rapid Flow technologies also provides an excellent solution for dense follicles on even lighter skin tones, which are often a concern when treating sensitive areas such as the Brazilian. While Long Pulse laser has been a solution for denser hair follicles in the past, you now have an alternative. Flow Technology allows you to treat the dense hair follicles during earlier treatment sessions and then move on to performing the remaining treatments with DPC ™ or ND: YAG technology once the follicles have softened creating comfort during each treatment.   

This revolutionary technology also provides clinicians with a viable solution for treating tanned skin during summer months – a previously unavailable plus point for any aesthetic business.  With our Rapid DPC Pro, get the original DPCTM handpieces (HR580, HR730, AC420, VP535, VP DUAL, and SR580) in addition to our Flow Mode handpiece (HR635 FLOW). 

Like our DPC ™ technology, Flow technology has an expert design that delivers pre-determined amounts of energy at ideal speeds that assure a highly comfortable and safe yet effective treatment. Additional adjustments have been made to Flow technology to account for all skin types. With our SMART technology and pre-set parameters, clinicians can readily provide very comfortable yet highly effective hair removal treatments on all skin types – an experience not possible before. 

Ready to witness the SharpLight difference? The official launch of this device is on March 6th, 2023, at SharpLight’s Toronto Headquarters. RSVP is required: https://sharplight.com/DPCProEventTO 

Let’s step into the next stage of medical aesthetics success!