Vascular & Pigmentation Lesions treatment

Vascular & Pigmentation Lesions treatment

When treating Vascular and Pigmentation Lesions, please use the recommended parameters in the “TEST PARAMETERS” chart, on the first pulse with the client.  If you don’t see it disappear or darken, increase the joules by 1 joule only.  If there is still no response, decrease the “ms” setting by one setting.  If there are still no results, do not proceed to go over the area more than 2 times.  Please record the parameters used.  You must wait between 3 – 4 weeks, and then have the client come in for another session. You may then go up by 1 joule from the setting that you last left off at.  Then proceed with the second pulse by decreasing the “ms” by one setting, only if the vascular lesion in question, has not yet collapsed or the pigmentated lesion being treated, has not yet darkened.  Please record the parameters used.

** This is why we quote that it takes between 2 – 4 sessions to treat and/or lighten vascular and pigmented lesions.  It can take between  2 – 4 visits, to find the parameters that work effectively for the individual client.