Treatment SpotLight: SharpLight’s Carbon Glow Peel

Treatment SpotLight: SharpLight’s Carbon Glow Peel


This is it – your star performer that wins alone or with others.

SharpLight’s Carbon Glow Peel treatment bundle allows you to maximize the collaborative potential of two leading technologies to provide your clients with a convenient yet sophisticated solution for a plethora of skin concerns while also firming and tightening the contours of the face. Use advanced medical aesthetic technologies to perform deep cleansing and exfoliation, helping accelerate cellular turnover while working deep into the layers of the skin. Achieve what standard skincare cannot accomplish alone – and more!

  1. Deliver the advanced cleansing and exfoliating power of the Carbon Correcting facial via SharpLight’s Q-Switch Nd: YAG technology.
  2. Tone and tighten using SharpLight’s advanced Radio-Frequency technology which works to firm the skin by immediately tightening collagen fibers and stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  3. Allow glycerin applied to the skin during the radio-frequency treatment to imbue its moisturizing and healing properties deep into the skin’s layers. This treatment combination is also the perfect solution for preparing the skin for optimal absorption of additional facial oils, serums, or moisturizers.

Provide a one-stop solution that acts on a wide number of clinical indications at once; increasing cellular turnover, treating pigmentation, brightening skin tone, minimizing large pores, extracting and preventing comedones, minimizing fine lines, softening wrinkles, contouring the face and more! This will surely be a popular treatment amongst established clientele, and also a fantastic introduction to the world of advanced skincare for those curious looking to test the potential.

SharpLight’s Q-Switch: CC Peel

Utilize this technology as a standalone facial or as a first step to any other treatment; perform the widely-popular Carbon Correcting facial with SharpLight’s clinically-devised Q-Switch laser. As a precursor to the Radio-Frequency treatment in our Carbon Glow Peel, the CC Peel removes the impact of problematic internal and external stressors on the skin and prepares it to receive the full advantage of the radio-frequency treatment.

Maximize the potential of carbon’s capacity to pull out excess oil and debris from deep inside the pores by using advanced laser technology. This combination achieves a level of exfoliation unlike any other. Clear and tighten pores, improve texture, and firm the skin while banishing blackheads and whiteheads – all common skin concerns that clients struggle with. Through the removal of excess oil and bacteria, clients see a remarkable difference in their acne as well.

SharpLight’s Carbon Correcting facial combines carbon and the power of the Q-Switch Nd: YAG handpiece to perform safe, non-invasive exfoliation and brightening You can treat several indications with zero visible downtime on almost all skin types, key factors to its worldwide popularity.

By gently blasting off the carbon applied to the skin, this treatment provides a microscopic cleanse and exfoliation while stimulating collagen production via thermal energy. This kickstarts the vital processes of neocallogenesis and neoelastogenesis – two of the leading biological processes that radio-frequency technology actively engages with. A clean and clear visage is the first step to a fortified anti-aging regimen. Creating a balanced dermal environment is key to optimizing skin health and will also enhance the efficacy of any other treatment you perform. A solid investment for both you and your clients.

SharpLight’s Radio-Frequency: Facial Finesse

Advanced medical aesthetics has reached a once unthinkable stage of evolution. You are now able to provide an ‘inside job’ of firming and contouring without the use of invasive measures. Perform expert facial contouring using SharpLight’s advanced Radio-Frequency technology; our clinically-devised facial handpiece emits bipolar RF and is expertly designed to suit the needs of delicate facial skin.

Reaching 8mm deep to the dermis, our technology is devised to optimally stimulate the endothermic effect RF is known for, while masterfully ensuring client comfort and safety. The use of glycerin ensures smooth application, as the handpiece artfully massages and acts on the tissue.

The endothermic effect and increased circulation stimulate collagen and elastic production which tighten skin and renew skin cells. This technology is optimal for all skin types and leads to visible improvement in skin texture, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Its contouring effect can be felt even after a single treatment with zero downtime- making it highly marketable because of its convenience for clients looking for a reliable treatment during a busy schedule or before a notable event.

SharpLight’s Radio-Frequency treatment has stood the test of time as a compliment to any skin treatment, as well as on its own. By pairing it with SharpLight’s CC Peel facial, you’re optimizing the potential of both treatments. Due to the heat and massage movements, there is an increase in blood flow to the skin, bringing more oxygen and nutrients. Since the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated in the first treatment, the removal of dead and accumulated skin cells leads to improved cellular renewal which will benefit from better oxygenation – both processes that many clients are looking to improve as they slow with age. These two technologies work together on the skin to achieve even greater results. By stacking these complimentary modalities in your treatment, you can achieve greater and longer-lasting results – which clients are looking to invest in!

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