Laser season is here! 3 Top Treatments We Recommend to Thrive this Fall

Laser season is here!  3 Top Treatments We Recommend to Thrive this Fall

Fall months are a lucrative time for medical spas and clinics as consumers are seeking solutions to treat summertime effects on the skin. Sun damage can cause dullness and hyperpigmentation, two top concerns clients seek to treat. Several popular treatments, such as hair removal, are also better suited to fall and winter months due to tanned skin being a contraindication and the need to avoid sun exposure post-treatment. If you haven’t already done so, watch our webinar on reversing photodamage:

With the increasing accessibility and effectiveness of medical aesthetic solutions, more and more conscious consumers are looking to invest in reliable, scientifically proven professional treatments to achieve their optimal skin. Recognizing the needs of your existing and potential clientele will give you key insights to confidently promote the latest treatments for your business. Here are the top 3 treatments to thrive this fall season.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments are popular in the fall as harsh sun exposure during the summer can do a number on the skin. Concerns of hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dullness, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles are common among clients.

SharpLight’s skin rejuvenation treatment is performed with the SR 580 handpiece and powered by the award-winning Dynamic Pulse Control™ technology, allowing you to provide an expert-devised photo rejuvenation treatment. This non-invasive treatment causes controlled wounds through selective thermolysis to stimulate the key process of neocollagenesis and epidermal rejuvenation. The rebuilding of collagen and formation of new skin layers allows you to revise fine lines, large pores, elastosis, dull skin, and even pigmentary sun damage. From sunspots and dyschromia to mottled pigmentation and melasma, SharpLight’s SR 580 can provide skin with relief from these concerns. You can perform skin rejuvenation using this handpiece on skin types 1 – 5, popular not only amongst an older demographic actively seeking to treat aging skin concerns but also amongst the younger demographic between 25 to 35 looking to optimize their skin’s health as they begin to undergo natural aging mechanisms.

Treatments are administered every month, and average 6 – 8 sessions based on the desired results. With minimal to no downtime and side effects, this quick yet effective treatment solution will reign popular amongst your clientele. Results are visible even after a single treatment. The months preceding the holiday season are an opportune time, as clients are looking to put their best face forward at parties and events.

ROI Potential: And the results speak for themselves, both literally and in terms of revenue. A package of 6 Photo Facial treatment sessions can sell for $1,079. Just a single session of targeted spot treatments can begin at $50. There is also a high potential for upselling and stacking treatments, which furthers the revenue potential. Offering Skin Rejuvenation treatments at your clinic is always a beneficial move year-round, especially in the fall months when the demand soars.

Laser Hair Removal

Projected to reach $2.51 billion by 2031, the laser hair removal segment is amongst the 5 most in-demand medical aesthetic treatments. Fall is a popular time for laser hair removal, making it a top treatment to help your business thrive. Reduced sun exposure minimizes the risk of sun tanning or sunburn, which are contraindications to receiving laser hair removal. Reduced sun exposure also minimizes the risk of hyperpigmentation and other adverse effects. Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments and clients are willing to invest in these treatments that will benefit them in the long run.

ROI Potential: For example, the face, legs, and underarms are popular areas on the body for laser hair removal. Just one full-face laser hair removal session can cost $145, with 6-session packages easily sold at over $700. A treatment series with 8 sessions of underarm laser hair removal paired with full legs and bikini can sell for $2,779.

Now is the time to promote laser hair removal at your clinic to receive more clients and greater revenue! Looking to invest in laser hair removal technology? SharpLight offers laser hair removal technologies that can treat all skin types!

Dynamic Pulse Control™:
SharpLight’s award-winning Dynamic Pulse Control™ technology provides the optimal laser hair removal solution for skin types 1 – 5. This technology provides your clients with personalized treatments that optimize the therapeutic impact of the laser while ensuring safety, leading to highly effective results. To ensure utmost comfort, our Sapphire Contact Cooling Tip™ sub-zero thermo-electric contact cooling mechanism ensures that the skin receives further temperature regulation, reaching -8 degrees Celsius. This SMART technology comes with pre-set parameters and three different handpieces to ensure ease of use and efficacy for the clinician.

Rapid Flow™:
Usable on all skin types, SharpLight’s revolutionary Rapid Flow™ technology is designed to comfortably treat darker skin types and denser hair types. It functions by delivering energy in rapid pulses as the clinician navigates the handpiece over the skin in a smooth, gentle motion. This allows for a slow and steady heating of the follicle. Like its sister technology (DPC™), this technology comes with our Sapphire Contact Cooling Tip™, which ensures optimal cooling to the skin to further safeguard it and ensure a comfortable treatment. Rapid Flow™ can also be used on tanned skin, making the transition to fall treatments easier on clients still recovering from sun-kissed skin.

You can acquire both DPC™ and Rapid Flow™ in our latest DPC PRO device!

LP Laser 1064: Our Long Pulse laser also provides a highly effective, time-tested solution for unwanted hair removal on darker skin types (5 and 6) and/or thicker hair types. The latter is especially relevant when treating unwanted hair growth in males that may have denser hair follicles. Popular areas to use the LP Laser 1064 for hair reduction include the chin, bikini, Brazilian, and underarm areas.

Fractional Resurfacing:

Fractional resurfacing is another popular medical aesthetic treatment to offer at your clinic for not only transformative results but also high revenue this fall. Similar to the SR 580, it treats several concerns such as textural damage including sun spots, lines and wrinkles, as well as skin dullness and pore laxity. The retail value of even just one full-face session can easily exceed $500, showcasing the strength of the market which is expected to reach $3 billion by 2030.

SharpLight’s Er: YAG 2940 nm Fractional Laser can treat skin types 1 – 5, and can generate partial to full epidermal peeling. It comes with 2 tip sizes, 7 x 7 and 9 x 9, with the first penetrating more deeply into the tissue and achieving greater heating to treat more damaged skin.

This ablative laser can induce epidermal regeneration and also conduct thermal induction, which triggers neocollagenesis and the wound-healing response. This leads to improved skin appearance. By only affecting small islets of tissue, the surrounding intact tissue leads to quicker rejuvenation and healing, making it an ideal treatment for busy individuals.

ROI Potential: Due to its high efficacy and ability to revive the skin of past years while treating multiple indications, a treatment bundle for full face with 6 sessions can start at $2,549. A treatment bundle with 6 sessions for just the hands alone – one of the first areas to see signs of aging- can exceed $1,019. Fractional resurfacing is surely one of the top treatments to offer to bring in greater revenue during fall and the proceeding months.

By offering these in-demand treatments at your clinic this fall, you can help your business thrive well into the winter months, while also establishing more business around the holiday season. Skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and fractional surfacing are surefire ways to increase your business and revenue. Contact us to learn more about bringing these in-demand treatments to your clinic!