Top 5 Reasons that Beauty Schools Love Partnering with SharpLight

Top 5 Reasons that Beauty Schools Love Partnering with SharpLight

Training with SharpLight’s clinically-devised multi-technology OmniMax S4 prepares students to treat over 60 clinical indications!  

Latest figures report that the medical aesthetics market is projected to value at 28.7 billion USD by 2030 – and emerging non-invasive technologies are playing a key role. Dynamic technologies offering non-invasive treatments are in high demand – as clients are intrigued by their ability to offer remarkable results with less downtime and side effects. This drive of popularity is making medical aesthetics a popular career choice – and institutions are looking to provide both high-level and low-level training to their students as skincare services radically advance.  

At SharpLight, we’re thrilled to bring our innovative technologies and advanced training resources to the medical aestheticians in the making! Our Medical Aesthetic Academy Program equips institutions with superior technological infrastructure and B2B support that maximizes the potential of their curriculum and prepares the next generation of aestheticians.  

Here are 5 prime reasons to why academies love partnering with SharpLight: 

1. Advanced Curriculum Development: Developing a comprehensive and relevant curriculum is key to the success of a medical aesthetic institution. SharpLight’s OmniMax S4 platform is equipped with four leading non-invasive technologies and sixteen different handpieces that can treat over sixty clinical indications! Through award-winning Dynamic Pulse ControlTM, VermaDerm Infrared, radio-frequency, and laser technologies, students can learn to treat everything from hair removal to lesion removal – all while performing the hottest medical-grade facials. 

2. Regulatory Compliance: It is crucial that licensed medical aesthetic institutions use devices that are in line with federal regulations. SharpLight’s technologies are FDA and Health Canada approved, allowing medical aesthetic academies to confidently incorporate them into their curriculum. As a global leader in medical aesthetics, SharpLight meets the highest of technological standards required by regulatory boards.  

3. Highly Rated Clinical Training: Ensuring the ability to provide practical training to students can be a challenge for medical aesthetic institutions. Space, equipment, and methodology can all be concerns. Not only are SharpLight’s multimodality devices a sophisticated solution for maximizing the potential of available infrastructure, but our well-established clinical training methodologies make practical instruction easy, straightforward, and engaging. Our Train the Trainer program allows for faculty to become readily prepared to instruct with SharpLight’s technologies.

4. Resource Management: Managing resources – such as devices – can be costly. By investing in SharpLight’s advanced multimodality platforms, academies can streamline their spending and save on devices and warranties. Why pay for multiple different device types, associated training and services when you can invest in a device offering you multiple technologies with a strong warranty program? SharpLight provides optimized solutions.  

5. Additional Student Support: Student recruitment, enrollment, and alumni support are key to the strength of leading academic institutions. SharpLight offers several services and resources to academies, their students, and graduates for success. From access to seminars, grant programs, post-graduation support and more.   

Our Medical Aesthetic Academy Program equips beauty schools to bring the industry best to their students. Be it through the devices, training, or additional resources, we are committed to bringing our partners superior solutions. Click here to learn more about becoming SharpLight Academy Partner.