Threads and Aesthetics – Can This New App Help Your Business?

<h1>Threads and Aesthetics – Can This New App Help Your Business? </h1>

If you’re wondering whether to start a Threads account for your business, the answer is yes. Not only has this platform generated 150 million users in just 2 weeks, it rivals one of the leading social media platforms – Twitter – while offering many benefits that Twitter doesn’t have.

Many businesses rely on Instagram for their social media strategy, and for good reason. As the number one B2C social media platform, consumers rely on this platform to stay up-to-date with their favourite businesses and brands. Now Meta’s Threads platform allows you to easily integrate audiences from your Instagram account, and also share content from Threads to your IG stories and feed. The intention behind this platform is to create an avenue for conversation starters. Rapport building is key to effective sales and marketing; by leveraging the potential of Threads for your business, you can effectively build direct rapport with followers looking to engage in direct conversations. With a 500 character limit per post, users can post, repost, and quote other posts. Users can also share videos and photos on this platform.

Benefits of Using Threads:

  • Easy to sign up: If you have Instagram, you can easily signup for Threads; in fact, it takes less than 10 seconds!
  • New Platform: Early adopters of new social media platforms see greater return on investing on the platform due to less competition when building a following and establishing attention. They also have more direct experience with the app and its evolution than those that start later.
  • Pre-existing Following: You have a clearer pathway to build a following on Threads through your followers on Instagram, allowing you to cement your influence on both these channels.
  • Easy Content Creation: Threads allows you to directly share content from the app onto your IG stories and feed, giving you more assets to share on Instagram.
  • Conversation Space: Easily tune into the thoughts and perspectives of your followers. You can better establish your authority by answering their aesthetic-related questions, while better understanding their needs.
  • Multi-Media: Despite being a text-based app, the platform allows you to also share images and videos. You can choose the best medium/s for your message.
  • Real-Time Conversations: The app shares your content to those that don’t follow you based on algorithms, pulling them into real-time conversations; this gives you the advantage of gaining not only followers but also consumers that are looking for your offerings.
  • Post Clickable Links: With Threads, you can easily direct your followers to pages on your website with clickable links. This can prompt more visits to your page, and treatment bookings.

Top Tips to Leverage Threads:

  • Post Length: While a max. amount of 500 characters is the limit, opt for shorter post lengths when possible. If you’re going to semi-long content, make sure its sweet and meaningful as these posts as doing so build greater momentum for sales.
  • Post Type: While you can choose to stick to text only, this platform allows you to share videos and images as well. Stand out by incorporating carousel images to your Threads content.
  • Post size: You may see smaller size images circulating on this platform. As larger images take up more screen space, opting for these can bring and keep more attention on your content.
  • Posting Frequency: While you may initially post more frequently to build your audience and influence, posting 3 – 5 times a week is a good goal. You can also share stories and reels to Threads; aiming for 2 reels, and 1 story each week maintains engagement.
  • Posting Times: Around lunchtime and after work hours are pique times to generate conversations. Weekends are also helpful as more users spend time decompressing on their phones.
  • Create Re-shareable Content: Threads generates content suggestions from non-followers based on which content the user is liking, sharing and responding to. By creating content that users want to reshare and respond to, you can build more following and have the algorithm act in your favour.
  • Maintain Professional Quality: As a professional account, you want to ensure your posts are high-quality, not only in look but also in value. Considering the needs of your consumers will guide you when determining what to share.
  • Focus on Value: Take the more sustainable approach to building valuable clients by steering away from content that is too salesy; by building value first, you can bridge clients to your services that can see its value for them.
  • Maintain Relevancy: Taking advantage of current events or participating in online events is a great way to appeal to users looking to connect over those topics. Is there latest industry news your audience may be interested in? Don’t underestimate your ability to foster helpful conversations around the topics that matter to your audience.
  • Keep Personable yet Professional: As a conversation-focused platform, be sure to keep the content personable while maintaining your brand voice and professionalism.

As a professional aesthetic business participating in one of the leading industries in the world, you’re in the perfect position to leverage this new app to connect to your audience, clients, and potential leads. Allow your clients to see consuming your content as an investment. Who doesn’t want to receive quality content from a trusted source on a matter so close to heart (who doesn’t want to look their best, while spending their resources wisely?) If you haven’t already, join Threads today to discover a new way to connect to your audience who is also figuring out how this app can be useful for them. You’re in an exciting space to create something new!