Say Hello To Summer and Goodbye to Cellulite


Being that summer is just around the corner, looking into the most sought-after cellulite reduction technologies for your clients, is of the utmost importance.


Other common words to describe Cellulite are otherwise known as – “cottage cheese”, “hail damage” or “orange peel skin”.  As Women, we all have it and we all can get it and this unsightly appearance can exist in any body type.


Cellulite is the collection of fat that pushes against the connective tissue beneath the skin. When fat cells are enlarged, the rigid fibers push toward the soft tissue of the dermis, causing the rough surface.


Cellulite affects about 90% of women and 10% of men. The structure of collagen is the main protein of connective tissue.  In women it has the appearance of a picket fence, whereas in men it looks more like a cross-linked fence (which is obviously well built to hold fat in better, hence why cellulite shows more on females).


There are many causes for cellulite, some of which include metabolism, dieting, hormonal factors, lifestyle factor, physiology and even genetics, but there is no absolute cure for cellulite. SharpLight Radio Frequency technologies can assist in breaking down excess body fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Through Radio Frequency (RF) and Selective Electro Heating technologies, SharpLight’s treatments combat this common skin condition, consisting of fatty deposits under the skin’s surface that cause a dimpled appearance.


These advanced technologies tighten skin and reduce cellulite by increasing the temperature of the fat cells in a specified area, which promotes the release and destruction of fat cells and stimulates the increased production of collagen in the dermis, restoring the skins elasticity. Bipolar Radio Frequency increases local blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue and the drainage of localized fatty deposits and cellulite cells.


SharpLight’s technologies are flexible, offering varying settings to best treat the varying grades of cellulite and other personal patient needs. This sort of selective heating of fat cells in the dermis and subcutaneous layer is effective in cellulite reduction. Our cellulite reduction treatments are non-invasive and are suitable for patients of all skin types, body types and grades of cellulite, and deliver excellent long-lasting results.