Summer 2023: Managing Acne with Sun, Sweat, and Summer Fun!

Summer 2023: Managing Acne with Sun, Sweat, and Summer Fun!

Looking ahead to the summer months? So are your clients! With acne being amongst the top dermatological skin concerns, you may already see a significant number of your clients dealing with acne concerns. If you offer the DPCTM Acne treatment, you might have clients who come to you specifically for acne-related concerns. Laser facials for acne are increasingly amongst the most talked about uses today.

However, exogenous factors also play a key role in the development of acne, its persistence, and the impact of laser facials. Read on to see some important advice you need to give your clients this summer to assure they’re treating their skin right!

Contrary to popular belief, the sun isn’t everyone’s friend when it comes to acne management. In fact, in some studies, more than 50% of participants experienced worsened acne or eruption of flares due to sun exposure. In addition to triggered or worsened acne, unprotected sun exposure can also lead to long- lasting acne scarring, erythema, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on acne-prone  skin. The risk of this occurring is especially heightened in darker skin tones, or for clients undertaking laser facials for acne.

It’s crucial to inform clients about this likely impact of unprotected sun damage, emphasizing the need for proper sun protection with sunscreen. This is for clients receiving laser facials for acne, and even for those that are not.

Sunscreen offers several other benefits, such as an improved skin barrier, better protection  from pollution, better sebum regulation, and improvement in pigmentation. It also contains anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. All these benefits give added safeguards to  acne-prone skin. It is especially crucial to emphasize this point to your clients facing acne challenges as there is  not enough awareness about the connection between unprotected sun exposure and worsening acne.

Sweat is an obvious trigger for acne-prone skin. With summer around the corner, it’s a hard one to escape. Your clients may be meticulous about their skincare routine – which is crucial to remove the buildup of oil, dirt, and bacteria. But are there some considerations they might be missing?

For example, is your client meticulous with their skincare in other instances such as after working out? Are they making sure that they don’t stay in their sweaty workout clothes, and shower after? It’s important to make sure these factors don’t sneakily impede on their otherwise great skincare management.

Perhaps you’re treating body acne at your clinic. In that case, it’s important to make sure your  clients are practicing proper protocols with their clothing hygiene. For example, one client was    undergoing a laser facial for their back acne, but not seeing the desired results. Further inquiry  revealed the culprit; they had a habit of reusing unwashed t-shirts, which had accumulated dirt and bacteria aggravating the client’s acne. Once this habit was rectified, they saw their desired  results!

Summer months can cause an uptake in indoor and outdoor activities – which coupled with heat makes the perfect circumstance for sweat. It is important to check in with your clients about different lifestyle factors that may require extra care as they treat their acne.

Swimming and pool time are popular summer activities – and for good reason! They are great exercise, and the perfect way to cool off from the heat. But studies show that too much chlorine exposure, along with other poolside chemicals can trigger acne-prone skin. The solution? Advise your clients to choose water-proof sunscreen to apply all over their body and face when spending time in the water.

Like with working out, taking a lukewarm shower after pool time can also make all the  difference. Also, advise your clients to incorporate face washing, toning with an alcohol-free  toner, and proper skin hydration into their post-pool regime.

Acne is one of the most common skincare concerns that your clients may come to you with. By considering seasonal factors and advising your clients accordingly, you can support them in achieving their ultimate skincare goals. Proper sunscreen and hygiene practices are crucial to seeing success with acne management in the summer. As your clients’ trusted skincare advisor, you’re in a perfect position to advise your clients with expert facts to lead the way.