SharpLight’s Breakaway Treatments for Skin Type 6

SharpLight’s Breakaway Treatments for Skin Type 6

SharpLight has been a leader in the medical aesthetics field for over 30 years, bringing revolutionary technologies that set new industry standards. The key to its success is the great care it takes to consider the needs of industry professionals like yourself and your clients – ensuring daily engagement. The need for advanced solutions to treat skin type 6 is no secret – and SharpLight has been committed to bringing innovation and care to this key area of concern.

Although we offer a very effective and comfortable Long Pulse Nd: YAG Laser solution to perform hair removal on skin type 6, we decided to test the limits and create our Flow Mode technology!

SharpLight’s Unprecedented Hair Removal Solution for Skin Type 6

SharpLight’s commitment to spearheading industry-leading solutions has brought forward our Rapid DPC PRO Flow! This advanced device provides all the benefits of our proprietary Dynamic Pulse ControlTM technology – with the addition of a new mode that allows you to do hair removal on skin type 6!

Traditional IPL has had its drawbacks for too long, even on skin tones it’s able to treat. This is why SharpLight prepared its Dynamic Pulse ControlTM technology, which advances broad-spectrum laser technology beyond the realm of standard IPL to provide pain-free, safe, and highly effective treatments.

In the RapidDPC PRO, you have the standard RapidDPC technology which in itself is a proprietary technology, and Flow mode modality. This is a strong investment piece; you can take it as a sign of how committed SharpLight is to providing superior solutions to treat skin type 6 needs. We help our partners stay abreast of the latest innovations by creating streamlined solutions to upgrade and incorporate new technologies into their repertoire. By partnering with SharpLight, you know you’re on the road to taking your clinic to the next level – ready to meet growing demands and possibilities year out.

This one technology unlocks not only an unprecedented treatment option for skin type 6 but also a greater ability to treat sun-sensitive skin! SharpLight’s Flow Mode allows you to perform pain-free hair removal on skin type 6, prepare denser hair follicles for upcoming DPCTM treatments, and even treat tanned skin – all using one handpiece. Provide laser treatments all year round – regardless of skin type, by selecting the best option for your client’s skin.

SharpLight’s Flow modality allows for high safety and comfort while assuring strong efficacy by releasing rapid pulses of energy in lower amounts; you just move the handpiece gently and evenly over the skin to slowly heat the dermis while protecting the epidermis with our advanced Sapphire Cool Tip ™ technology. Clients relish the experience and are in awe of the results. Technology has come this far, and SharpLight’s design makes it easy for you to apply it!

The Rapid DPC PRO allows you to treat hair removal on all skin types while also supporting the full range of DPCTM handpieces, allowing you to provide detailed treatments to your client base.

SharpLight’s All-Rounder Radio-frequency Technology

You may be wondering what other SharpLight treatment options are available for you to offer to your clients with skin type 6. The first factor to consider is what type of skin conditions are more prominent in darker skin tones. The next consideration is the increased sensitivity to hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation in melanin-rich skin type 6 with the use of a laser. We’ve been able to mitigate this potential impact of the laser through our Flow Mode technology, raved for its high efficacy yet superior, ‘barely felt it’ experience. Our clinicians also maintain awareness of the needs of diverse skin tones while training our partners.

Consider our Radio-frequency technology, which can treat all skin types, and which effectively treats several indications that you may find with darker skin types.

Although the DPCTM handpiece and fractional laser options are not yet safe on skin type 6, there is good news! SharpLight’s advanced Radio-frequency technology offers several treatment capacities like skin tightening, reduction of lines and wrinkles, body contouring, plus cellulite treatment; you can provide some of the most in-demand treatments to your skin type 6 clientele. Our Radio-frequency technology can be paired with almost any other treatment to enhance results; you can offer it as a phenomenal stand-alone treatment, or as an add-on to other popular treatments for next-level results!

Partner With SharpLight for Industry Leading Skin Type 6 Solutions

With SharpLight, you can trust that you’re partnering with an industry leader committed to bringing ground-breaking solutions for you as well as your clients. At SharpLight, we spearhead and innovate new technological approaches that meet some of the most pressing needs of the industry. Our partner-focused approach assures that our partners continue to have access to the best and brightest technologies year out!

To learn more about which device solutions will most benefit your business, reach out to your Laser Specialist today!