Rapid Vanish ~ Your Top Solution to Laser Hair Removal, Vascular Treatments, and Pigmentation Concerns

Rapid Vanish ~ Your Top Solution to Laser Hair Removal, Vascular Treatments, and Pigmentation Concerns

In today’s fast-evolving world of medical aesthetics, staying up to date with the latest technologies isn’t just an option – it’s a fundamental need for aesthetic professionals. Medical aesthetics, which combines medical expertise with the quest for beauty and longevity, has seen incredible advancements recently. These breakthroughs are challenging our preconceived ideas of what’s possible. So, why is it so crucial to stay in the loop with these developments? Well, it’s not just about following the latest fads. It’s about guaranteeing the safety, effectiveness, and happiness of our clients. Additionally, it’s about staying competitive and maintaining a stellar reputation within the industry.

One such device that will help keep your business ahead is SharpLight’s Rapid Vanish device, a dual technology device containing both our Dynamic Pulse Control™ and Long Pulse Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser. Leveraging the power of 2 key technologies, you can provide laser hair removal for skin types 1 through 6. This makes it an excellent option for both established clinics and those looking to get into the medical aesthetic industry. Here are more details about each technology that comes with the Rapid Vanish.

Dual VP: This handpiece spot treats pigmented and vascular lesions using two ranges of wavelengths; 535 to 680 nm and 860-1200 nm. This is key to achieving safe and efficient treatments. The 535 to 680 nm range is especially astute in targeting vascular lesions and pigmentation concerns while the 860 to 1200 nm penetrates more deeply into the skin to target larger, deeper lesions.

HR 635: This handpiece is safe and effective on skin types 1 to 5 for laser hair removal. By effectively heating the hair follicle to 70 degrees Celsius, achievable during the anagen stage of hair growth, you can activate follicle necrosis to achieve effective hair removal results.

SharpLight’s Dynamic Pulse Control™ equips you to treat a range of skin concerns using the enhanced application of selective photo thermolysis and the benefit of our Sapphire Contact Cooling Tip™. By bringing this technology to your clinic, you can accelerate your business success. Read on to discover why pairing DPC™ with our Nd: YAG 1064 nm Long Pulse laser, as in SharpLight’s Rapid Vanish will allow you to perform robust treatment offerings at your clinic.

Nd: YAG 1064 nm Long Pulse:

This LP laser handpiece effectively emits the 1064 nm wavelength to penetrate deep within the dermis, thereby tackling larger and deeper blood vessels such as leg veins.

Through its ability to effectively tackle these deeper vessels to procure immediate vessel disappearance and/or visible intravascular rupture, it complements the Dual VP handpiece. The Rapid Vanish allows you to offer a more comprehensive treatment for vascular concerns.

Additionally, its ability to perform hair reduction on skin types 5 and 6 (whereas DPC™ technology only reaches up to skin type 5) makes it an excellent complement to the DPC™. In addition to darker skin types, it is highly effective on denser hair follicles and is thus highly recommended for use on the chin, bikini, Brazilian, and underarm areas. Treatment series span 6 – 8 sessions and can go up to 12.

Comprehensive Vanish Solutions

True to its name, SharpLight’s Rapid Vanish device delivers you with the technologies you need to remove the unwanted from the skin. Be it unwanted hair removal, or unwanted lesion removal, Rapid Vanish equips you to deal with a variety of skin types for laser hair removal, and a variety of depths for vascular concerns. Tackle some of your clients’ top challenges using the potential of a single device. Minimal go time and minimal downtime save both you and your clients time and money while delivering solid results. Nonetheless, these lucrative treatments are sure to generate great income and reputation for your clinic.