Partner Spotlight: Permanently You

Partner Spotlight: Permanently You

At SharpLight, we’re proud to showcase the success of our partners – our partners’ success is our success! In today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing the SharpLight Success Story from our partners at Permanently You. This Mississauga-based Skincare, Permanent Makeup, and Laser Clinic has been in business since 2004. Starting her medical aesthetics journey by performing highly effective laser hair removal treatments, discover how business owner Jessica Gómez saw greater business growth with her purchase of the Rapid DPC and then the OmniMax S3.


“My name is Jessica Gomez. I’m the owner of Permanently You. It’s a skincare, permanent makeup, and laser clinic, and we have been in business since 2004. When I first started doing the (SharpLight) hair removal treatments, I realized how good it was. I had people come in from other places, that had other machines, and they went for like 10-12 treatments and it didn’t work as well as SharpLight. So SharpLight, even with only 2 treatments – people were very happy about it.

Early in my career it was just me – one single room – and that’s when I bought the Rapid DPC. But later on, I got busier, (and) so I decided to hire another medical aesthetician who also did laser and that’s when we purchased the OmniMax S3.

What I like about these treatments is that they’re non-invasive, help you lose the weight, get rid of cellulite, and tighten the skin without going through surgery. I really love VP (VP 535) – Vascular and Pigmented Lesions. Especially (so) because I treat a lot of Latin women, and they have a lot of sun damage – because in our country we get a lot of sun and a lot of people are not used to wearing their sunblock. I think VP (VP 535) especially (for) pigmented lesions is a great treatment and I can see big results.

SharpLight’s clinical team is very good. They teach you really well – everything. And the most important part is when I have a question; I always contact them, and they answer me right away. With the Cool Tip™ technology that all the laser pieces from SharpLight devices have – it’s great because clients don’t feel that much pain. It numbs the skin a little bit before you do the pulse. And it feels great because it’s pain-free.

I’m so busy with the Rapid DPC™ and OmniMax S3 that I’d like to upgrade my Rapid DPC™ to an OmniMax S4, so I can do more treatments. My future plans with Permanently You is to open another location where we can have more devices. That way I can offer more treatments to more people.

If you’re looking to start your laser career, don’t hesitate to call SharpLight and start your laser business with them. If you have any questions about SharpLight or Permanently You, feel free to contact me.”

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A big Thank you to our partners at Permanently You for your highly valued partnership! We wish you continued success and growth!