Partner SpotLight: Insights from Gee Beauty at Flourish into Confidence

<h1>Partner SpotLight: Insights from Gee Beauty at Flourish into Confidence </h1>

If you were at SharpLight’s Summer 2023 event of the season Flourish into Confidence you must have heard from our partners Miriam and Stephanie Gee, founders of Toronto’s elite aesthetic destination Gee Beauty. The inspiring success story of the multi-generational beauty powerhouse is sure to show what’s possible when a team of intelligent and passionate women band together. With over two decades of expertise in the industry, Miriam Gee, along with her daughters Natalie, Celene, and Stephanie have seamlessly blended their talents to create a range that transcends generations.

Their collection of makeup and skincare treatments are meticulously formulated to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of skin and to enhance beauty at every stage of life. Backed by a deep understanding of women’s needs and aspirations, Gee Beauty empowers every woman to embrace her unique beauty and live life to the fullest. Taking their business international – they’ve now ventured into the US, establishing Miami as their next hotspot!

Here’s what they have to say about partnering with SharpLight:

“At Gee Beauty our mission is about the experience and about the results and when we joined our partnership with SharpLight we were very confident that when our client comes in for treatment that they would walk about with experience and the result of using SharpLight.” – Miriam Gee

“There is something for everybody with SharpLight Technologies and our mission is to always incorporate that medical focus and result in a really beautiful and glamorous way. As Miriam said, the skin is always left feeling and looking beautiful unless it’s something more intense like resurfacing which is something you build with as a client starts with IPL and skin tightening and work their way up. We’re really proud to stand behind a technology that is proven, sustainable, and stands on its own but also marries really well with other beauty treatments.” – Stephanie Gee

“What I really appreciate is that the technology is not ablative, so you know you’re not cutting your skin and you’re not walking out bleeding but you’re getting the results, and the results you know are programmed to have a few series. I always say to the client – look at my skin and I’m a hundred (laughing) so it’s really good! So it’s been our most valued relationship for sure.”

– Miriam Gee

‘Thank You’ to the fabulous team at Gee Beauty for their unwavering partnership, electrifying inspiration, and contagious enthusiasm.