Partner SpotLight: Dr. Khari Bridges of Miami, Florida

Partner SpotLight:  Dr. Khari Bridges of Miami, Florida

Dr. Khari Bridges is an esteemed dermatologist and dermatological surgeon in Miami, Florida.  He also provides quality med-aesthetic services at Miami Dermatology and Cosmetics. He completed a joint MD/MBA program at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University while receiving multiple prestigious scholarships. His love for his profession shows in his highly regarded presentations, publications, and the care he shows his patients. Here’s what he has to say about SharpLight. 

“I brought the entire OmniMax S4 system into my practice in 2019. It was the first laser and light device for my practice. The all-in-one platform is very easy to operate and allows me to treat a wide variety of common skin complaints. It auto-calibrates by itself every time it powers up which saves a ton of time and technical expertise.” 

Thank you to Dr. Bridges for your continued partnership! We wish you heightened success along your journey! 

Prescribed by: Dr. Khari Bridges