Partner SpotLight: Academic Partnerships

Partner SpotLight: Academic Partnerships


SharpLight Technologies is a leader in expert clinical training. Not only do we provide superior learning in-house for our partners, but we’ve also partnered with leading academic institutions to provide superior clinical training to prepare for a rapidly advancing industry. Here’s what some of our academic partners have to say:

“SharpLight and Eveline Charles Academy have created a versatile and competitive curriculum that aesthetic employers are looking for and our graduates of our med-aesthetic program have had the opportunity to work with SharpLight’s dynamic systems that are in-demand in today’s industry.”

  • Eveline Charles International Academy 

“The advanced SharpLight System offers hands-on training for our students. This has helped our students prepare for what lies beyond the walls of the classroom.” 

  • Canadian Beauty College 

“The certificates and courses offered in this area of interest take a hands-on approach and use a curriculum that offers current industry demand.” 

  • George Brown College 

Our SharpLight Total program assures that our partners have access to superior clinical training that prepares them for every facet of client consultation, treatment, and care. Our expert team offers both onsite, in-house, and online learning methods to assure the best delivery of information for your needs. You can book a refresher for yourself and your staff whenever you feel the need. With SharpLight, you have a true partnership that helps nurture every facet of your business, assuring you have the knowledge and skills to stay ahead!