Marketing Muse: Why Mother’s Day Marketing is Your Key to Springtime Success

Marketing Muse: Why Mother’s Day Marketing is Your Key to Springtime Success

“Retailers that capitalize on this opportunity can see immense boosts in both online and in-person sales during the spring, not to mention enhanced engagement long after Mother’s Day has come and gone.”

– Contact Pigeon

May is an excellent month to sell more skincare packages to your clients; not only is the weather improving in many parts of the continent, but this month also marks one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Mother’s Day is a prime occasion to market more of your packages to a wide variety of consumers. People are looking to give significant gifts to their mothers, wives, and other loved ones. Mothers themselves are looking to invest resources into their self-care.

In this month’s Marketing Muse, learn which treatments are sure to attract a crowd this Mother’s Day, and why promoting stacked treatments as a Mother’s Day Package will pique greater interest for your business services.

Popular Treatments for Mother’s Day are IN-Demand

<strong>Some of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments are also the ones that mothers are most on the lookout for.</strong>

Marketing Cellulite Treatments

Some of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments are also the ones that mothers are most on the lookout for, according to statistics.

Cellulite is one of the leading concerns among women, especially those who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth. You must already know this – but your female clients are more physiologically prone to developing cellulite compared to your male clients; the ratio is 9:1.

This is due to both physiological differences in hormones, the shape of fat cells, and females having more layers of fat on key areas of the body, amongst others. The experience of pregnancy also increases the onset or intensity of cellulite due to increased weight and fluctuating hormones.

To treat cellulite, 3 actions are required. We must a) address the loss of collagen, b) reduce fat c) improve circulation. SharpLight’s technologies allow you to effectively target each of these mechanisms – and more!

Stacked Treatment Potential

Not only are combined treatments high in demand in recent years, but key Mother’s Day demographics are also on the lookout! Consider the ‘mommy makeover’ trend that many professionals are getting asked for. One dermatologist, Dr. Neinstein, shares how the pandemic baby boom has led him to see more patients coming in for customized mommy makeovers. The ‘in not now then when?’ mentality is a key driver for young mothers struggling to achieve their post-partum goals with diet and exercise alone.

Consider how you can treat multiple skin concerns at once using your multi-treatment SharpLight devices! Stretch marks are another concern faced by many females. As a reaction to rapid weight gain and/or weight loss, it’s easy to see the role pregnancy can play in their formation.

This Mother’s Day – you can pair 2 expert technologies to treat cellulite and stretch marks! SharpLight’s Radio-frequency and VermaDermTM infrared technologies can be paired to bring stellar results to your clients seeking a comprehensive respite! Consider how the non-invasive nature of your treatments offers a feasible and highly effective option to your clientele, and you can easily see why they’d be an even greater attraction to busy mothers looking to fit a worthwhile solution into their schedule!

Body and Face Contouring 

Radiofrequency skin tightening is noted as one of the leading treatments in 2022, and the popularity is the same – if not greater – in 2023! Promoting radiofrequency treatments this Mother’s Day is a surefire way to attract curious clients to your clinic! Not only is this an excellent, highly effective, and super comfortable treatment to promote – its multiple effects are highly in-demand!

Browlifts have been one of the most in-demand facial procedures in recent years. You can use the Radio-frequency facial handpiece to provide a non-invasive brow lift to your patients! Other facial contouring options, such as around the jaws, chin, and neck areas are also in-demand.

Fat burning and body contouring, especially on the stomach and thighs, are also highly in demand amongst mothers of all ages. You can provide a non-invasive and highly effective option to your clientele looking to benefit from fresh beginnings, sound treatment options, and good deals! Remember, customized and stacked treatment options that stand out as a good deal to your clientele will be your key driver this holiday.

Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Reduction

Textural concerns and treatment for fine lines and wrinkles are popular throughout the year – and for obvious reasons. These concerns are among the prime concerns faced by females interested in healthy aging. Promoting skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction treatments around Mother’s Day is a no-brainer way to generate greater interest in your services. The key driver of success here will be how you address your key demographics – and where. Adult children looking to gift their mothers are one key demographic to address this holiday!

Cool Tips: Be sure to use Mother’s Day branded content in your emails when promoting your Mother’s Day deals, and use catchy subject lines in your emails. Offer special promotions to your VIP client base looking to purchase gifts for their mothers and loved ones. Experience with your services will be an extra motivator for purchases looking to gift something thoughtful to their mothers!

Connect to the Emotion

Data shows that Consumers between the age of 35 – 44 are more likely to spend money on moms, with men likely spending more on gifts than females.

Mothers elicit a strong emotion, and Mother’s Day gives us interesting glimpses into the way that people feel about their mothers. Consider the data that shows that while “90% of people claim to know their mothers well, less than half can identify their mom’s favourite food, flower, clothing store, or travel destination”. While this may seem like a lack of interest, data shows that a level of reverence, and desire to know their mothers well is strongly there. One study finds that there is a strong desire amongst adult children to learn more about their mothers’ life stories, with close to ¾ of respondents claiming they want to learn more about it. Mothers are still often visualized as superheroes.

What do we gift these superheroes whom we wish to know more closely, but whose personal preferences we may not be so intimately aware of? We can gift them treatment packages addressing key skincare challenges which data hints they may be thinking about often. And we can opt for gift cards when possible as data shows 1/3rd of mothers prefer receiving gift cards on this holiday.

This is a need you can easily fill for clientele looking to treat their mothers to something special!

Begin Your Mother’s Day Marketing Today!

If you haven’t started already, get your Mother’s Day marketing started right away! Both online and offline marketing channels are excellent ways to promote your business and services – plus well worth the effort. Data shows that the impact of Mother’s Day marketing lasts long after the holiday is over!

To learn more tips to market and promote your business, visit your MyMarketing Portal on SharpLight.com!