Marketing Muse: Email and SMS Campaigns in 2023 and Onwards

Marketing Muse: Email and SMS Campaigns in 2023 and Onwards

According to SalesForce, building and retaining trust with customers is both a priority and a challenge in 2023 and onwards. This is especially significant with customers expecting personalization efforts to be a priority not only with the product or service delivered but also with marketing efforts.

Your Advanced Capacity to Offer Personalization

As a medical aesthetic professional, especially one providing SharpLight treatments with stackable treatment technologies, you have the advanced ability to meet this need. Through client consultations, you can assess whether you should use multiple technologies to treat a single indication for synergized results, stack multiple treatments to treat several indications, or a mix of both approaches. You’re also trained to select which treatments a client is best suited for. You’re also trained to select which treatments a client is best suiter for.

The Advantages of Email and SMS Marketing for Personalized Marketing

As for the marketing aspect, how do you extend the rapport you have built both in person or over the phone in digital marketing and communication efforts with your clients and prospects? The two key ways to meet this demand in a convenient and high-ROI way are through email and SMS Marketing.

Two key pieces you can collect from your prospects and clients that help facilitate personalized messaging and communication are their email addresses and phone numbers. Research shows that email marketing generates one of the greatest returns on investment. Data shows that every $1 spent on email marketing generates on average 40 times its value! The convenience and popularity of SMS Marketing also bring high profitability; the average open rate of SMS Marketing is 98% and 45% of people reply to SMS Marketing, making it an excellent leeway into real-time conversations and thereby personalized attention.

Rising Engagement with SMS Marketing

This engagement rate also translates into better direct sales outcomes. Data shows more than half of the consumers make a purchase after receiving an SMS message, particularly one with an ad, discount message or coupon code. The key to creating ongoing engagement is relevancy; by sending messages that are relevant to the consumer’s personalized needs, you’re bringing value. Although a substantial 91% of consumers are interested in receiving text messages from businesses, only 35% of brands are truly leveraging this tool. Despite the established prominence of email marketing amongst B2C marketing tools, the emergence of SMS Marketing is creating a storm. Some sources estimate SMS Marketing lists to have 10 times the value of email marketing lists! Now is the time to incorporate this tool to offer convenient and personalized marketing to your clients.

Offer VIP Programs to Establish High-Value Returning Clients

Looking to build greater incentives for returning clients? Consider offering a VIP program for email and text subscribers. Consumers are interested in signing up for an email or SMS loyalty program. You can also offer a VIP program for clients that have gotten a certain number of treatments over the past 12 months, or who have undertaken treatments in the summer months. You can base membership on any high-value criteria and use text messages or email as the dominant way of communicating the relevant messages.

Immediacy and Intimacy as Key Drivers

Using text messaging and email marketing that is especially optimized for mobile use allows you to reach your client where they are, allowing for an intimate and personal method of communication, in a way that they prefer and are comfortable with. Make sure that the client is permitted to receive text messages and emails, with a clear indication of how they can unsubscribe, thereby prioritizing privacy and consent. This is key not only to ethical marketing and data collection use but are also key values for consumers. Some easy ways to maintain communication through text messages? Perhaps you can send messages that alert them when their next treatment is due, or one that lets them know how many treatments are left in their treatment series. Another option can be a follow-up message post-treatment to ensure their post-treatment care is going well. You can consider the needs of your clientele and arrange accordingly.

Popular Platforms

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Several platforms can help you manage your email and SMS lists. Popular ones include Constant Contact, MailChimp, MailerLite, and Moosend. Remember to prioritize simple, clear messaging that addresses the benefits and challenges your consumer may have, while eliciting emotion. The goal is to have a clear CTA that creates urgency.

Common Faux Pas to Consider

Some common faux pas to be aware of when delivering campaigns through these channels? First off, be mindful of when clients have delivered a response to your marketing query. Perhaps you’re offering a promotion and your client has indicated they’d like to wait till the next round; allowing the rest of your campaign emails urging them to book an appointment with that limited-time promotion to go through diminishes the impact of that method of communication. It breaks the impression that the email is being sent directly to them with personalized intent, with this impression being one of the key advantages of email marketing.

Another common mistake is to lack a clear call to action (CTA) or having multiple ones. Your reader should understand the action you want them to take, for example, ‘Click here to book your next appointment’, or ‘Get your Offer’. Having a clear, personalized CTA generates 42% more visitors or clicks. Use attention-grabbing action words that create a sense of ‘now is the time’.

Ensure you have a clear, short, and relevant subject line that creates enough intrigue to generate a click! Consider using the receiver’s first name in the subject line to indicate personalization. A strong subject line that indicates the value your reader is about to receive will better attract your reader’s interest. These days, with a high volume of emails, you want to make sure your email stands out and doesn’t go ignored. Remember the days of receiving an email made specially for you? That’s the sense you want to generate, while maintaining your brand image and professionalism.

Last on the list, but not least – ensure you optimize your emails to suit mobile-viewing by designing it with the smaller screen in mind. Failing to optimize your email communication for mobile viewing can negatively impact your campaign efforts and deter clients from further email engagements.

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