Maintaining Value: Why You Want to Avoid Promoting Your Services on Groupon

Maintaining Value: Why You Want to Avoid Promoting Your Services on Groupon

If you’re a newly launched business, or one actively seeking to bring new clients to your clinic – chances are, you’ve heard of Groupon.

Groupon is a popular online marketplace that connects consumers with local businesses by offering discounted deals on a wide range of products and services. Founded in 2008, Groupon has become a household name, with millions of users worldwide taking advantage of its daily deals. Amongst its variety of offers are spas and medi clinics offering discounted services for their treatments. Groupon offers a convenient platform for consumers to discover new experiences at reduced prices. However, while Groupon and similar platforms can have their advantages, there are compelling reasons why you should avoid using such platforms to offer discounted deals that can hurt your business in the long run.

Using Groupon and other such platforms to offer discounted services can hurt your business’s bottom line, reputation, and quality of client base.

1. Undermining the Perception of Quality

Our partners often invest heavily in cutting-edge technologies, highly trained staff, and top-quality services to ensure the safety and efficacy of their treatments. Discounting services on Groupon can create the perception that these services are of lesser quality or that the business is struggling to attract clients. This perception can ultimately undermine the trust and credibility that your business is working so hard to build. Clinics who undergo this may find themselves stuck in competition with lower end businesses, and fail to reach their potential.

2. Attracting Bargain Hunters

While Groupon can help a business attract new clients, it tends to attract deal-seeking customers who are primarily motivated by price rather than the quality of the services. These bargain hunters are less likely to become loyal, returning clients and may not fully appreciate the value of the services provided. This can lead to a revolving door of one-time visitors who aren’t likely to become returning clients.

3. Profit Margins and Sustainability

Discounted services can erode profit margins, making it difficult for medical aesthetic businesses to cover their operating costs and invest in their ongoing growth and development. The revenue generated from Groupon deals may not be sufficient to sustain the business over time. It’s important for medical aesthetic clinics to maintain healthy profit margins to continue providing top-tier services and ensure the sustainability of their practice. For example, have you ever come across a deal that seems too good to be true? This can be the case with unlimited hair removal sessions. Imagine a customer purchasing a $500 unlimited, full-body hair removal package. They are free to come in as many times 4-6 weeks apart for a year, all while you are pulsing 100’s to 1000’s of times each session. Over 10,000 pulses being used is actually going to cost you $500 as a business. You end up performing treatments that cost you money as a business versus making any profit, which is not the goal.

4. Potentially Inadequate Compensation for Staff

Reduced prices can also mean reduced compensation for highly skilled aestheticians and other staff members. These professionals deserve fair compensation for their expertise, and discounting services may inadvertently lead to lower wages or reduced job satisfaction, potentially causing staff turnover and impacting the overall quality of service.

5. Diminished Client Loyalty

Discounted Groupon customers are less likely to develop a sense of loyalty to the medical aesthetic clinics because they may chase deals rather than forming lasting relationships with the staff or establishment. Building strong client relationships is essential for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, which can be adversely affected by a constant stream of discount-seeking clients.

6. Potential for Misaligned Expectations

There have been many cases where clients who purchase discounted services on Groupon have had unrealistic expectations about the outcomes of their treatments. If they do not achieve the desired results due to the discounted nature of the service, they may express dissatisfaction or even leave negative reviews, harming the clinic’s reputation.

While Groupon and other discount platforms can be effective marketing tools for certain businesses, medical aesthetic clinics should carefully consider the potential consequences of devaluing their services through such discounts. The value of medical aesthetic services lies not only in the treatments themselves but also in the expertise, safety, and quality of care provided. Maintaining this value and focusing on building a loyal client base can lead to long-term success, rather than relying on unsustainable discounts that may ultimately undermine the business’s reputation and profitability.

Resourceful Ways to Attract More Quality Clients

There are several high-value methods to attract a larger and stronger client base. Here are some suggestions:

    • Collaboration: with local businesses and influencers to promote your business. Partner with local or niche influencers who align with your brand. Influencer marketing can expose your business to a wider audience and build credibility. Partnering with local businesses who share a similar target demographic is another way to attract more clients and build a stronger professional network. You can reach out to local wellness centers, or fitness studios, for cross-promotions and referrals.


    • Community Engagement: Participate in local events, health fairs, or charitable initiatives to increase your presence in the community. This can foster goodwill and attract clients who appreciate businesses that give back.


    • Educational Workshops: Host free or low-cost workshops and webinars on topics related to skincare, beauty, and wellness. These events can position your business as an authority in the field and attract individuals interested in learning more about aesthetic treatments.


    • Content Marketing: Start a blog or create informative content on your website that educates potential clients about different procedures, skincare tips, and industry trends. High-quality content can help with search engine optimization and establish your business as an authoritative source.


  • Localized SEO: Optimize your website for local search to ensure that potential clients in your area can find you easily when searching for aesthetic services online.

By strategically choosing high-value client development techniques, you can ensure not only more business but better business. By recognizing the value of your services, you can attract returning clients that are willing to pay a price aligned to the quality of your business offerings, and truly appreciate your services. To learn more about promoting your business, visit the MyMarketing Section on your MySharpLight portal!