A Letter from Shlomi Ben-Avi, CEO SharpLight Technologies Ltd.

To Our Valued Partners,

We understand that times of great uncertainty have fallen upon us in health, in business, and in our households. Many nations worldwide are at a standstill; businesses unable to operate and families unable to leave their homes. These are challenging times.

As we head deeper into the pandemic and continue to face the surging impacts of the novel Corona Virus, we must remember, historically, humans have never been as strong as we are today. It is now that we must demonstrate how greatly we have evolved, as we continue to support one another through these unanticipated changes.

Hardships have led people to unite and stand firm to protect a common interest – humanity. Across the globe, first responders have dedicated themselves to safeguarding the well-being of others. Everyday these individuals are exemplifying tremendous courage, strength and unquestionable sacrifice. Let their humanitarian efforts motivate the rest of us to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While SharpLight has been committed to providing superior partner care for nearly two decades, we assure you that level of commitment will continue during this time. Our dedication to maintaining strong customer support, has led us to develop several resources to help strengthen your practice while working remotely.

Our team of Marketing, Clinical, and SharpCare experts, have collaborated to create the following resources for you to access:

  • Clinical Engagement: As we continue to await the much anticipated return to normalcy, we remain dedicated to providing our valued Partners with ongoing clinical resources through video conferences, clinical refresher training videos, how to seminars and other clinical educational webinars that will be brought to you on the regular, to ensure you keep up with your theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • MySharpLight: This online platform provides complete access to clinical and marketing tools. From Clinical Refresher Training videos and other clinical aids, to complimentary marketing tools, MySharpLight will help you and your team enhance your knowledge to increase revenues and further your practical skills.
  • SharpCare Support: Our representatives are only a phone call, text message, or e-mail away. Should you have any technical, marketing, finance, or clinical questions and wish to connect with a SharpCare member, you may contact us at:
    • Phone: 1 (866) 513-7797
    • Text message: (647) 309-8144
    • E-mail: sharpcare@sharplight.com
  • Clinical Tip of The Month: Our clinical experts will continue to provide their most recent findings in clinical trends, protocols and treatment methodologies, which you can access on our website: https://sharplight.com/media/?tab=ptab2 or by reaching out to one of our Clinical experts at: 1-866-513-7797.
  • Monthly Newsletter: We are committed to transparency and keeping you informed. As such, we continue to email our monthly updates outlining company updates, treatment recommendations, marketing strategies for success as well as new levels of support and resources to overcome these challenging times.
  • Blogs: The content found in our blogs hold valuable information for your practice. Whether it’s how to get patients through your door, increasing revenues online, or the importance of following specific protocols in your clinical practice, you will find regularly updated sources of information here: https://sharplight.com/media/?tab=ptab1.


In addition, our team is working diligently to advance our LaserSmart Training curriculum online. This training will include all applicable theory, video demonstrations and questionnaires that will soon be available from the comfort of your own home. We will be hosting several webinars which will offer essential information of how to get your practice back up and running and tips on how to achieve superior clinical results. For upcoming dates of e-learning resources and webinars, stay tuned to our e-mail notifications and follow us on FaceBook/sharplighttechnologies or Instagram @sharplightinc.

Apart from offering and developing new resources, everyone at SharpLight is doing their part to help “flatten the curve” so that your lives and ours can resume as they were, as soon as possible. In doing so, let us all be mindful, and follow the advice of government and healthcare officials.

The volatility of this situation has created some exceptional challenges, and as your partner, we are here to support you in any way that we can.

From our family to yours, we wish you strength, safety, and above all else, good health.

Yours Truly,
Shlomi Ben-Avi, CEO
SharpLight Technologies