Handpiece SpotLight: VP 535 – A Game Changer for Vascular and Pigmentation Concerns

<H1>Handpiece SpotLight: VP 535 – A Game Changer for Vascular and Pigmentation Concerns</H1>

Vascular and pigmentation skin concerns are some of the leading dermatological struggles that professionals are looking to treat. Advances in medical aesthetic technology is offering relief to some of the most pressing symptoms of these skin concerns. Consumers are thrilled about the potential of laser technology to deter these manifestations on the skin. Here’s where SharpLight’s proprietary solution steps in.

SharpLight’s award-winning Dynamic Pulse ControlTM technology offers a superior solution to common yet difficult to combat vascular and pigmentary lesion concerns, amongst key others. The VP 535 handpiece effectively treats vascular skin concerns on skin types 1 – 4, such as Telangectasia, Erythema, Rosacea, Couperouse, broken capillaries, poikiloderma, and spider veins. It also combats pigmentary damage on skin types 1 – 4, such as solar lentigos (sun spots), dyschromia, mottled pigmentation, and melasma. This clinically-devised technology has shown high results. Treatments with the VP 535 are carried out once a month; generally, a treatment cycle is made up of a course of 6 base treatment sessions.

The VP 535 offers many advantages over other energy-based systems on the market.

Powered by DPCTM Technology

SharpLight’s DPCTM is clinically-devised to harness and deliver the power of light to target certain chromophores in the skin, while safeguarding the surrounding tissue.

It is no secret that light is a key element of the natural world and has a direct impact on several functions of the human body. Hormone regulation, metabolism balance, blood circulation, the flow of internal rhythms, the pace of cardiac rhythms, amongst others – these are all key to our everyday survival – and they are all impacted by light. Modern engineering is continuously improving our ability to tap into the power of this rich resource – and medical aesthetics is one such frontier where its results are closest to magic – yet which follow the laws of science!  SharpLight has worked with world-leaders in the industry to come up with a honed solution known as DPCTM .

SMART Technology Advantage

SharpLight’s Dynamic Pulse ControlTM moves standard IPL to another level by optimizing energy delivery while ensuring the surrounding tissue stays safeguarded. This increased treatment efficacy also fosters optimized results while maintaining high safety. With SMART technology, pre-set parameters and the ability to make small adjustment to calibrate for personalized results – this technology ensures superior control to the clinician and paramount treatment settings for the client.

Increased Efficiency

SharpLight’s VP 535 handpiece is stackable with several other handpiece treatments, allowing you to add greater value to the treatments your clients are receiving and thereby increase revenue potential.

By delivering the optimal amount of impact per pulse, while ensuring safety, SharpLight’s DPCTM helps you achieve your results using a less pulses per treatment, maximizing the number of treatments you can offer, thereby increasing your revenue.

Bring Relief to Your Clients

By investing in a quality solution for vascular and pigmentation concerns, you’ll bring added value to existing clients, while attracting new ones looking specifically for these in demand treatments. You’ll be able to treat these leading skin concerns alongside key others, bringing more stackable treatable options to your clientele. This clinically-devised solution powered by industry-leading DPCTM is a surefire way to set yourself apart from other businesses. Receive expert training to ensure the best experience for you and your clients. Contact us to learn more!