Handpiece SpotLight: Er:YAG 2940 nm Fractional Laser

Handpiece SpotLight: Er:YAG 2940 nm Fractional Laser

This month’s star handpiece is SharpLight’s very own Fractional Laser technology. Powered as a Er:YAG 2940 nm laser, our design bridges state-of-the-art technology with commonsense science that accelerates the treatment potential for your clients!


Effectively treat a range of indications, including wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots, age spots, textural concerns, and even acne scarring – amongst the most common skin concerns. Effective on skin types 1 – 5, this treatment option allows you to enhance and fortify your offerings to your acne client base, allowing them a post-care solution that ensures closure.

Superior Technology Working for You 

Read about how SharpLight’s Fractional Laser allows you elevated ease and greater control over your treatments while minimizing downtime and risk of complications for your clients!

Islet Design

Instead of a large singular beam of laser targeting the skin, SharpLight’s fractional laser turns to islet design which sends an array of small, spaced-apart microbeams into the skin. The skin receives a series of dots on the skin surrounding intact skin which not only allows you greater control over the energy delivered but also speeds up recovery for your client.

 Tailored Options 

SharpLight tweaks this design to include two different matrix tips, containing different sizes of the islet dots, the number of dots, and different areas of space in between. This varies the intensity of light going into the skin. Our 7 x 7 tip size has lower density yet greater energy per dot, allowing you to generate greater heat. Our 9 x 9 has a greater density in the number of beams, yet each beam has lesser energy than the other tip design, giving you the ability to apply less heat but still generate success.

Greater Control Over Intensity

With our controlled Islet design, you can choose whether to go over the skin to increase the intensity of the treatment depending on your clients’ needs. Having greater control over how intense the treatment is, adds to the minimal nature of post-treatment downtime. This is in addition to the benefit of leaving intact tissue surrounding the impacted skin; this technique allows the intact tissue to stimulate quicker recovery for the affected tissue it surrounds and supports.

Pre-Set Parameters 

Our devices come with pre-set parameters to allow you greater ease and efficiency when administering treatments. When operating our Fractional Laser technology, you experience greater assurance with clinical training, pre-set parameters and guidelines, as well as our SharpLight Total support. Operate one of the most in-demand technologies with high ease and comfort at your own clinic!

 Stimulate Key Skin Healing Processes

SharpLight’s design allows for just the right parameter settings to effectively deliver the required heat to the tissue while preventing damage. Epidermal regeneration – in which the skin receives the signal to regrow in and around the impacted areas – is one of the skin’s most powerful abilities; our fractional laser technology stimulates this response with high efficiency leading to stellar results. It is also highly effective in stimulating greater collagen formation – which is one of the key mechanisms to healthy skin. Our design is primed to maximize the benefits of the skin’s natural wound-healing response. With SharpLight’s Fractional laser technology, you can stimulate some of the skin’s most powerful processes to your client’s advantage, right where they need it the most and to which intensity!

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