Device SpotLight: RapidFirm

SharpLight’s RapidFirm device combines two leading technologies – VermaDermTM and radiofrequency – to bring your clients superior results to many other devices on the market.  SharpLight’s clinically-devised radiofrequency technology uses multipolar wavelengths to break down fat on different layers of the skin, which are then removed from the body through lymphatic drainage. VermaDermTM is SharpLight’s robust infrared technology that stimulates high-quality collagen tightening. Learn how combining these two key devices using our RapidFirm platform can supercharge your body and facial contouring results, alongside in-demand benefits of skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and more!


SharpLight’s Radio-frequency technology comes with two different handpieces – the RF Body and the RF Face – so that you can perform precise treatments with optimal comfort. Designed with the needs of different areas of the body in mind, you can offer your clients spot on results in the exact areas they have trouble with. Effective on all skin types, use this treatment as a precursor to other treatments for enhanced efficacy and results. This technology is highly effective for fat burning, fine line treatment, wrinkle treatment, cellulite reduction, and skin brightening.

Infrared VermadermTM

SharpLight’s Veraderm technology provides the ultimate infrared energy. Our technology allows you to easily control the amount of internal heating through varying preset parameters, while ensuring optimal comfort to the skin through our Sapphire Tip Contact Cooling system. This energy simultaneously stimulates the wound healing response of the body to generate new collagen, while contracting collagen fibrils for instant tightening. Effectively treat a range of indications such as lines and wrinkles, lax skin and folds, reduction of open pores, and dull skin.

Dual Defence

Our RapidFirm device allows you the benefit of using both technologies to supercharge your treatment efficacy and results. Provide advanced rejuvenation while treating more indications at once. Supercharge your results for even a single indication. By combining both treatments, you provide your clients superior results to either technology alone – getting you ahead of your competition. Contact your Laser Smart professional for more information.