Device SpotLight: RapidContour

<h1>Device SpotLight: RapidContour </h1>


If you’re looking for a simple to use yet highly effective addition to your treatment roster this summer, consider our RapidContour. This device houses our highly esteemed Radio-frequency technology with its RF Face and RF Body handpieces. Offer your clients a full range of body contouring and skin tightening treatments, suitable for all skin types.  

Whether you’re an established business, or a new one – adding radio-frequency technology to your clinic is a sure-fire way to see an increase in treatment results, clients, and ROI. Effectively provide circumferential reduction, cellulite reduction, body contouring and more!  

Designed with the needs of different areas of the body in mind, you can offer your clients spot on results in the exact areas they have trouble with. Effective on all skin types, use this treatment as a precursor to other treatments for enhanced efficacy and results. This technology is highly effective for fat burning, fine line treatment, wrinkle treatment, cellulite reduction, and skin brightening. 

Our SMART technology and expert-led clinical training allows you to operate this revolutionary technology with ease – bringing your clients top results. Contact us to learn more about bringing SharpLight’s radio-frequency technology to your clinic!