Clinical Notes: Prep for Fall Using the Seasonal Segway Approach

Clinical Notes: Prep for Fall Using the Seasonal Segway Approach

Just as the seasons transition between sizzling summer months to cooler autumn, our skin – the body’s largest organ – also fluctuates in its condition and needs. Understanding what those key needs are and the solutions we can provide allows us to generate better skin health for our clients while optimizing their desired skincare results in the upcoming months. Fall and winter are standard times when clients invest more time and money into laser treatments. There are several treatments that help sun-damaged skin better prepare for laser, but there are also a host of other skincare concerns you can help your clients treat. Read on for some tips to better transition your skincare offerings for the fall.

Tip #1: Provide Post-Summer Consultations:

By providing your clients with complimentary post-summer consultations, you can tailor your approach to accommodate individuals at the current stage of their skincare involvement. You might have one returning client looking to combat a regression in skin quality after the summer months. You might have a new client looking to invest in quality aesthetic solutions after experiencing negative impacts in the summer. Another might be looking to finally kickstart their laser journey after time away. By inviting existing and new clients for a consultation, you can better examine their skincare needs and devise treatment plans spanning the coming months.

Tip #2: Treat for Hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern after summertime exposure to the sun. Treating hyperpigmentation is a staple in many skincare regimens. While some clients may invest in exfoliants to combat dark spots and pigmentation, you can provide safe and highly effective medical aesthetic solutions to treat this hyperpigmentation. For example, your Dual VP and VP 535 handpieces use Dynamic Pulse ControlTM technology to treat sunspots/pigmentation.

Tip #3: Strategically Incorporate Laser Treatments:

Your clients might still have tanned skin that is not yet safe for laser hair removal, unless you’re using the DPCTM Flow. However, you can begin laser treatments in places less impacted by the sun. For example, the underarms and bikini area. This way you can begin selling packages to your client, getting them comfortable with the treatments, and transition into other parts of the body once those areas have recovered from the sun exposure.

Tip #4: Use Stacked Treatments For Rosacea:

Cooler air can lead to increased sensitivity, Heat and sun exposure during the summer months can aggravate skin conditions, such as Rosacea. Your SharpLight VP 535 handpiece can treat symptoms of Rosacea among several concerns. Persistent inflammation can also cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, therefore treating both vascular and pigmentation is advantageous for rosacea clients. Our VP 535 and Dual VP handpieces are designed to target both pigmented and vascular lesions.

After a full series of treatments with the VP 535, yellow wavelengths such as those in the SR 580 can be used to further coagulate blood vessels. You’re in the perfect position to provide the optimal combination of laser wavelengths to produce superior results.

Tip #5: Focus On Hydration:

The colder air of the fall and winter months means the skin needs more hydration to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Advise your clients to adjust their skincare routines to include richer moisturizers that provide deeper hydration. It is also important to use gentle cleansers and avoid harsh, drying ingredients, in addition to applying adequate sunscreen even with less visible sun. Proper hydration is a major key to strong skin health, especially as a lack of it slows down the skin’s cellular turnover. Bringing us to our bonus tip!

Bonus Tip: Make Your Carbon Correcting Peel Your Secret Weapon:

Providing your clients with a Carbon Correcting treatment is an excellent way to help their skin recover from the impact of summer’s environmental stressors. Not only does it promote greater cellular turnover, but it also treats several common skin concerns such as dullness, large pores, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and textural concerns in skin types 1 – 5. Through its collagen stimulation, it helps concerns such as fine lines which can be caused or worsened by sun damage. It blasts away debris in pores and dead skin cells, cleansing the skin at a microscopic level. Tackle many skin concerns at once, while stacking with other popular treatments such as Er:YAG Fractional laser and DPC TM.

Using the seasonal Segway approach as we transition into colder months will allow you to better serve the needs of your clients while attracting more business. Remaining top of mind with seasonal consultations will allow you to better showcase the relevancy of your treatments to clients looking to invest. Treating concerns such as hyperpigmentation and Rosacea, worsened by seasonal factors, will also allow you to provide in-demand treatments. Creating structure for your clients as they transition to their fall hair removal treatment series will allow you to create more commitment and momentum. Focusing on skin health by promoting better skin hydration practices will create more optimal conditions for seeing positive skincare results. Finally, using quality assets such as your Carbon Correcting peel will allow you to bring multidimensional improvements to your clients’ skin while promoting greater cellular turnover.