Nardini’s Salon & Spa

Wrinkle Reduction using SharpLight’s FormaxPlus at Nardini’s Salon & Spa

Nardini’s Salon & Spa is one of Mississauga leading Body & Soul Spa’s with over 30 years of experience. Their welcoming staff exemplify the highest standards of professionalism while using the industry’s leading technologies.
Skin Tightening treatments using the SharpLight’s FormaxPlus, Radio- Frequency technology is one of the most commonly requested treatments at Nardini’s Salon & Spa.
The FormaxPlus, Radio-Frequency is beneficial for Body Contouring, Wrinkles Reduction, Skin Tightening, and can be use anywhere on the body. It delivers outstanding results within a short period of time and without any down time.
This treatment can be combine with Infra-red treatments to maximize the results.