“Cleanical” Skincare with Medical Aesthetics – Where Nature Meets Technology

“Cleanical” Skincare with Medical Aesthetics – Where Nature Meets Technology

Looking to carry natural products and treatments made for sustainability? Medical aesthetics is THE arena for you. This is especially the case with SharpLight Technologies. Our devices and technologies rely on minimal consumables and the most natural ingredient on the planet – light – to stimulate phenomenal results in the skin. But is that all to consider? If you intend to bring the greatest edge to your business, you need to consider evolving skincare trends of today; For 2023 and onwards, that means clinical skincare! In fact, beauty experts are hailing the term cleanical skincare to speak of products that incorporate ingredients that are both natural and clinically-based.

If you’re a business that prioritizes natural skincare products, you need to invest in quality medical aesthetic technologies to remain competitive in a market that increasingly values clinical skincare in addition to just organic. This need is especially true as consumers have greater access to natural or organic products – including those with clinical ingredients – at major beauty stores.

It’s no doubt that product manufacturers are recognizing the value of natural ingredients – both for revenue purposes and also for the greater health of their consumers. However, with more businesses labeling their products green or organic, this aspect alone is not enough to attract an increasingly proactive consumer base looking for transparency, understanding, and clinical proof behind their investments. How will you set yourself apart?

Quality medical aesthetic technologies not only ensure the lack of harmful chemicals and ingredients – but also high clinical efficacy and proof. Non-invasive medical aesthetic treatment options bring an even greater edge due to their gentle nature and minimal side effects. Their non-invasive approach, coupled with their treatment efficacy being even greater than more invasive counterparts, contributes to their growing popularity.

For many businesses offering beauty treatments such as facials, they require a lot more consumables to reach optimal results.  . By investing in medical aesthetic technologies that do not rely solely on external ingredients to stimulate the desired processes, you can largely remove this cost from the equation. This is just one of the many reasons that our treatments generate high revenue, along with high patient satisfaction.

While non-invasive treatments still require consultations and patch tests, you can personalize the parameters and select appropriate treatments with greater ease and minimal risk. SharpLight’s medical aesthetic technologies allow the clinician to effectively stimulate natural processes in the skin, such as cellular turnover amongst others, using the natural beauty of light.

Enhance Your Natural Treatment Options with SharpLight Technologies

SharpLight offers a range of clinically tested treatment options – that are 100% natural – for over 60 clinical indications. They are superior to many other solutions on the market as they are the most robust multifunctional skincare solution that you can offer your patients. Clinically tested, 100% natural, and multifunctional – invest in a solution that exceeds your expectations and propels your practice to new heights.

Unlike many other medical aesthetic devices on the market, SharpLight’s devices have received approval from federally mandated regulating bodies – such as the FDA and Health Canada. By partnering with SharpLight, you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded and approved by recognized bodies.

All this ensures that SharpLight’s technologies and treatments align with your vision to bring safe and superior products to your clients. In fact, with rapid scientific advancements making previously impossible results ever possible, your clientele must be on the lookout for these services to be offered near them. Will you be meeting their needs?

Designed to Enhance Your Vision and Success

Whatever your vision for your business, SharpLight’s technologies are designed to propel your business in your desired direction. Our devices can be found in a variety of different clinics offering their unique appeal. Regardless of where they’re housed, their ability to offer clean, natural, safe, and effective treatment options for some of the leading skincare concerns has them standing apart. Add in multimodality, and multifunctional devices and you can see why they’re designed to succeed. We work closely with industry professionals and their patients to ensure that our offerings can anticipate the current and upcoming industry needs.

Proven Success for Natural and Organic Businesses

Businesses focused on offering natural, organic aesthetic solutions have found phenomenal success in offering SharpLight’s treatments in their clinics. One of our VIP partners – Pure + Simple – took their business to new heights by partnering with SharpLight. Their values of natural, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions paired perfectly with SharpLight’s technologies.

Investing in quality medical aesthetic devices supported their growth in ways that their previously selected devices didn’t. Before partnering with SharpLight, they were struggling because of lesser-quality aesthetic devices which were leading to subpar results. After upgrading all their devices to the OmniMax S4 – their business revenue and treatment quality took a turn for the better. Now they have 8 different locations, with an OmniMax S4 at each!

This passionate and highly talented team had a clear vision and solid business ideas. Not only did they offer organic and natural products and treatments, but they also used their background in Ayurveda and personal experience to make these products in-house! They’ve established themselves as leaders in their niche, not only through the quality of their offerings but also their role as reliable experts offering community events and workshops. Investing in quality medical aesthetic devices with high safety and clinical efficacy, alongside expert engineering has propelled their business in line with their vision.

Fortify your Business in a Rapidly Advancing Industry

Investing in skincare treatment offerings is a solid approach. Skincare is the leading segment within the beauty industry; 2021 statistics show this segment to dominate 41% of the global market, and this strong surge continues. As such, skincare also ranks amongst the most profitable product categories. However, to truly succeed in this segment as a service-oriented beauty business that can reach and advance its potential – medical aesthetic treatment offerings cannot go ignored.

This is especially the case as consumers have greater access to natural products that show some efficacy through active ingredients at their local beauty stores – at affordable price points. Consider that skincare treatment products are the most stocked type of skincare products at Sephora and Ulta. To succeed in this rapidly advancing field of aesthetics, your business needs to provide in-demand treatment options that consumers can’t replicate at home. Despite a growing number of at-home devices promising effective results, consumers looking for truly effective results are opting for professionally performed treatments organized by an expert they can rely on, using high-quality, effective treatments.

You can provide these treatment options – all natural – personalized to each client through SharpLight’s medical aesthetic devices. Have effective solutions for over 60 clinical indications – available with little to no downtime – and witness your business reach new heights!