Omnimax System

Omnimax – Medical Aesthetics Laser 

Increase the clientele coming into your clinic, just by using the OmniMax, the greatest all-in-one med-aesthetic option. Your OmniMax unit will be the advancement med-aesthetic treatment devices, utilizing 4 highly effective technological systems along with supplying the endless selection of programs – all in a single system.

This specific state-of-the-art light-based system makes use of Dynamic Pulse Control Radio Frequency*, Infrared as well as Laser technologies to provide amazing results in reduced treatment periods.

The OmniMax unit includes a significant variety of hand accessories as well as it has the capacity to being upgraded at almost any point, which makes it a versatile and also total med-aesthetic alternative for your clinic.

Some of the most preferred treatments the OmniMax executes consist of face and also entire body skin rejuvenation, body shaping, and reductions of body fat and cellulite, removes hair and keeps it off long term, removes tattoos, corrects problematic veins as well as clears your skin of acne breakouts, and a number of other great med-aesthetic techniques.

Omnimax is an individual system which executes a complete variety of treatment options. It is most effective and successful because it utilizes 4 highly effective technological systems while supplying an endless selection of programs – all in a single system.

Some of the main benefits of this system are the user-friendly user interface, numerous pre-defined therapy options, as well as features a thermo electric contact cooling down process to improve you client’s comfort as well as protection. The unit is space-efficient as well as affordable, mainly because it permits you to provide a number of treatment options in one room from one system as well as it evolves along with your business, enabling you to service the needs of your clientele, safely and affordably.

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