SharpLight Technologies LTD. Announces Today A Once In A Lifetime Add-On To Their First Ever 4 Year Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Program

SharpLight Technologies LTD. Announces Today A Once In A Lifetime Add-On To Their First Ever 4 Year Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Program

SharpLight Technologies Ltd., a leading manufacturer and global provider of innovative medical aesthetic technology, will be releasing an update effective May 1, 2020. Introducing a new Unlimited Pulse Program (UPP) to be included in their first ever offering of a 4-Year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty for an undetermined period, exclusively available in the United States.


Current Climate for Medical Aesthetic Practitioners

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) the total number of cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures has increased by 228% from 2000-2018. Second to Botulinum Toxin Type A, laser treatments such as skin resurfacing, have shown the second largest increase of all minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures presenting a 248% increase during the same eighteen year stretch.

The medical aesthetic laser and light-based market has grown year-after-year. As society demonstrates greater acceptance and inclusivity, we will likely see the market continue to expand. One example of this is the increasing percentage of men electing to participate in minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures. According to a report published by the ASPS, the total number of cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures for men increased by 72% from 2000-2018. Other variables that have been speculated to drive the growth over the last two decades include: increased life expectancy, age of retirement, social media, and technological advancements that have led to greater efficacy, increased comfort, and less associated risk during treatment.

While the market continues to escalate, so does the competition—as competition increases (akin to most other industries), prices are driven down. This is a fundamental economic principle and a reality in commerce that all industries face—battle and conquer. However, those companies that conquer are those who plan, strategize, and align themselves with ‘Partners’ who will invest in their success.

Having global insight, SharpLight Technologies studies the marketplace and stays on top of its curves ensuring their Partners are equipped with the tools and guidance to flourish. In their latest findings, SharpLight discovered the need to supply physicians the resources to allow them to be more price-competitive, thus further elevating their potential return on investment.



On March 3rd, 2020, SharpLight’s CEO; Shlomi Ben Avi, announced an unprecedented addendum to the company’s standard warranty program. “The new 4-Year Warranty and Unlimited Pulse Program was rolled out after the need was recognized in the early stages of Q1 2020,” he said during an interview.

“Our physicians count on us to provide the tools they require to be successful, and to give them the support they need to get there, which is exactly what we are doing.”
The UPP addition extends physicians’ unlimited pulse usage on all purchased modalities (Laser, DPC, VermaDerm, and Radio Frequency) while under warranty. This initiative creates an ROI potential that is unprecedented, as physicians no longer need to purchase replacement handpieces (which has been known to cost thousands of dollars).

SharpLight’s new 4-year bump-to-bumper warranty was created with the best in mind—superior care, guidance and protection. Despite the fact that SharpLight’s standard warranty has remained a leading program, their team studied and determined where the industry was lacking for medical professionals and reinvented the wheel to include two undefeatable features—the UPP and 4 years of unparalleled service.

In addition to the outstanding length of warranty and unlimited pulse usage, this program provides practitioners full coverage, that includes:

  • Coverage of Hardware & Components
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Ongoing Clinical Support
  • MySharpLight (Online Portal) Access
  • Refresher Training Programs
  • Equipment Loaner Program
  • Software Upgrades
  • Marketing Support & Customization
  • Access to Exclusive Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Access to Exclusive Webinars, Lunch and Learns
  • Social Media and SEO Training
  • Open House Support

Apart from the features listed above, the UPP and revised warranty program allows practices to become more price competitive with elite Medi-clinics. Physicians no longer need to allocate funds for major ongoing consumable expenditures. Unlimited pulses backed with partnership from SharpLight’s marketing, clinical and technical experts, means unlimited potential. Practitioners can now focus on what they should—patient satisfaction and practice revenues, while leaving the cost of consumables to SharpLight Technologies.

Upon launch, SharpLight’s 4-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty and Unlimited Pulse Program will be exclusively offered to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Dentists, and Family-practice physicians located within the United States. The company has stated it plans to offer the same programs to qualified practitioners in other countries, however, the date in which the programs will be extended outside of the USA has yet to be determined.


SharpLight’s Commitment

SharpLight Technologies is a leading provider in medical aesthetic platforms because they go beyond the generic description of customer service. Their core purpose is to provide comprehensive solutions to increase business performance of their ‘Partners’ using advanced technologies and the provision of a complete business concept.

Developing safe, comfortable, and result oriented technology, is only one aspect of where the company spends countless hours on research and design. The company also has internal team members—that one might refer to as ‘Practice Architects’—who are assigned to each of their Partners to address their unique needs and criteria to be successful. Whether it be assistance with a website, social media, guidance, branding, promotional tools, open house events, clinical refresher trainings, technical support and so on, SharpLight’s goal is to provide 360-degree care. Extending a 4-year bumper-to-bumper warranty to their valued Partners, is just another way that SharpLight has demonstrated a triumphant confidence in their manufacturing of robust and resilient technology.


Company Description

SharpLight Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company that manufactures unrivaled medical aesthetic platforms preferred by physicians across the globe. Serving more than 50 countries, SharpLight has key insights into industry trends, practitioner wants, and patient demands. Their portfolio consists of numerous devices, including Rapid Peel, Rapid QS, Rapid Vanish, Rapid Contour, Rapid Firm, Rapid Tight, Rapid DPC, and their multimodality platforms such as the Omnimax S3 and Omnimax S4.

The Omnimax S4 harnesses revolutionary power and precision that provides practitioners with four energy types: Laser, DPC, Radio Frequency and Infrared. From those four technologies, the company has designed 15 interchangeable modalities with a plethora of treatment option, providing both non- and minimally-invasive procedures. Such treatment options include, but are not limited to:

Apart from developing the most technologically advanced devices, SharpLight’s vision is to maintain a partner-oriented platform. Their objective is to provide physicians with the expert level customer support and turnkey business solutions they seek.

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