A Wide Range of Treatments

At SharpLight, we understand that your clients have a wide range of clinical and aesthetic needs. With our solutions, you can provide cutting-edge treatments guaranteed to deliver superior clinical results.

Our Product Portfolio

SharpLight is constantly developing state-of-the-art equipment for stand-alone and cross-technology procedures. Our solutions are highly configurable to meet individual client needs, enabling you to offer a wide range of services.

Technology Evolution. Skincare Solutions.

Developers of the world’s most cutting-edge med-aesthetic technologies and treatments.

At SharpLight, we equip you and your business for success by providing you with top-of-the-line med-aesthetic solutions.

SharpLight’s innovative product line of non-invasive, laser and light-based treatment systems are effective, efficient and safe; and each of the versatile platforms performs a wide range of in-demand treatments.

Most impressively, SharpLight is proud to be the only company in the world to offer a powerful all-in-one treatment platform, the OmniMax.

SharpLight’s customer service aims to impress, as we provide on-going technical, clinical and marketing support. Through innovative technology development and business support, SharpLight’s mission is to get results – for your business and your clients.

SharpLight's Technologies

At SharpLight, we aim to deliver technology that provides superior clinical results in a way that is safe, comfortable and effective. We develop state-of-the-art products that are equipped with leading edge features such as DPC, RF, VermaDerm and Laser technology. Whether you need the ability to perform stand-alone or cross-technology procedures, our equipment can be configured to the precise needs of each individual client.

Introducing The SharpLight Total™ Marketing Program

The SharpLight Total™ program has been developed by marketing experts in the industry with the goal of helping you find, fulfill and retain more patients while increasing profitability.

With the SharpLight Total™ program, we utilize the most innovative marketing tools and customize them to your practice by learning your unique requirements, demographics and existing patient needs.

Our commitment is to provide exclusive marketing concepts, comprehensive clinical support and leading customer service to ensure your success

At SharpLight Technologies™, Your Success is Our Success!


SharpLight is not only about the product. We are also about helping our customers succeed. We have a team of talented marketing professionals who can help you jumpstart your new practice or expand your existing one. The marketing tools and materials that we offer include marketing consultation meeting, treatment brochures and promotional material for display at your practice, including a poster and roll-up banner


SharpLight solutions are developed by technicians who immerse themselves in the most advanced technologies that are available. Our equipment carries some cutting-edge features that allow for the delivery of superior clinical outcomes for a wide range of applications, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation and the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. The technologies that we offer are Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC), DPC Flow, VermaDerm long pulse infrared technology, Radio frequency and Lasers

Online Portal

Help is just a click away with our SharpLight website members’ portal. Just enter your login credentials, and you will have access to a wide range of resources, including training, marketing and clinical seminars, technical manuals, before and after images and consultations to help you with specific questions and concerns



When we provide our clients with equipment, we make it our business to ensure that they can use it safely and effectively. Our LaserSmart education has been designed by our leading clinical directors to deliver detailed training on all of our technologies. Conducted by certified trainers who are committed to helping you succeed, the training includes theoretical and practical components.


SharpLight has a close relationship with the internationally renowned American Laser Group (AML), whose member clinics perform other thirty thousand treatments each month. The practitioners and their clients provide us with detailed insights that allow us to identify needs, challenges and opportunities in the realm of medical aesthetic technology. We use this information to develop solutions that are safe, effective and relevant.

Tech Support

Your relationship with SharpLight does not come to an end after your purchase is complete. Our technical support team is on call to ensure that your questions are answered and equipment repairs are done with minimal downtime for your business. We also understand that not all businesses need the same kind of warranty, so we offer a variety of packages, from Pay-As-You-Go to complete Bumper-to-Bumper coverage.


All practices are different. The needs and financial means of a large established clinic are vastly different to those of a small start-up. With this in mind, we offer flexible finance options, such as deferred payment terms and competitive interest rates. Returning customers can make use of our competitive upgrade promotion and enables equipment upgrade with 0% depreciation in the first six months. In addition, an attractive buyback program is available to customers wanting to sell their SharpLight devices.

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